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WHAT IS THIS PLACE? The Feline Café is my “G” rated photographic cat blog established 2010–originally on Windows Spaces, then moved to Blogger, and finally continued here on WP in 2013. I post my own original photographs. I write my own original text. The purpose here is primarily to amuse.

greg marigold

I am more of a weekly poster, but sometimes I do more.  Don’t expect to see posts on three day holiday weekends!  NOTE:  I do not use WordPress Reader to follow blogs.   I use Bloglovin instead.  I generally follow bloggers who do their own original writing and photography.

american flag

ABOUT ME: I am a “baby boomer”.

boy washing 1936 chevy coupe

Me washing 1936 chevy coupe

1970 jet mechanic “OK!”

391st AMU 1990

1990_ 391st Aircraft Maintenance Unit. I’m in the front row 5th from the right! (Official USAF Photo)

I live near Tacoma, Washington, USA.

Mt. Rainier

Mt Rainier

I have lived in the U.K. and travelled some.


I think we’re not in Kansas anymore


Me and Mediterranean ruins (Kizkalesi)

I am retired now–whatever that means.  It means, I guess, I do what I want!  Like cats, old photographs, and short blog posts.  I love history, science,  and the classic novels.  I worry for the planet’s wildlife in total, but I think it is too late for the animals of our world.

giant slug

giant slug nearly extinct

Re-learning or “improving” my German, so you may see a bit of it on the blog or comments section.

Zeke German flag

I was married to a wonderful woman for well over 30 years. I continue to look after her cats and her plants as she wished.  Now I watch too much TV and too many movies.  I blog as one diversion from that. Although other internet services would draw in more readers, I can only be found here. Who needs more readers when I have you?


Scooby and me

As far as this blog content is concerned, If you read something serious here, you must have misunderstood.

Zeke says "No Awards Please!"

No awards please! Too much work!!

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