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ZEKE: Birthday July 8, 2009. Brother of OPIE. Maine Coon.
Zeke wanted
zeke editor in chief

I cannot believe the little fluff ball is an adult! He never seemed to mature from a kitten mentally, as you can probably tell from the photos of him that are published here. He was born of two feral Maine Coons. He took up residence in a flower pot on a neighbor’s front porch. His original name was “Mop”. They did not want him. I did not want a sixth cat either at the time, but I took him anyway. He was so cute and small. “I won’t take up much room,” he said. I am glad I took him in. Now he is the older male of the household of 4 cats. We have made an adjustment to his birthday using astrology, and now fix it on July 8. Here are a few facts:

Zeke is a Maine Coon

He likes to be out in the catio many hours of the day, and especially the night, if I forget to close it.

He likes to sit out in the catio in the rain and cold.

He thinks he can go through the mirror to the other side.  He paws at mirrors vigourously.

As far as nip is concerned, he can take it or leave it.

He lives under the bed.

He fears all strangers, and since he does not meet new people, everyone is a stranger.  He has rarely been seen by anyone else.  He can only be seen on this blog.  I tell people I have 3 cats not 4.  They will never see the fourth one anyway!

He is not a fussy eater.

He especially likes feather toys.

He likes to run and wrestle with Scooby.

He enjoys watching YouTube videos of birds and squirrels


Miss OPIE Birthday April 6, 2009
Wanted Opie
opie reporting
OPIE Reporter

1. “Opie” is short for “Opilio” which is a snow crab! When she was little, she would run amazingly sideways like a crab!

2. She is a “she” and not a “he”. Frequently referred to as “Miss Opie” like Miss Kitty in “Gunsmoke” but she was not really

a kitty.

3. She is a Maine Coon cat.

4. She is sister or step-sister of Zeke. Same mother for sure.

5. She never lived in Mayberry.

6. She is the most intelligent of all my cats. You can see it in her eyes.

7. She is the worst cat for getting matted hair! What a job!

8. She does not like Scooby very much, but Scooby likes her!

9. She swats at me and other humans if she does not get her way!

10. She is a lap cat.

11. She is a fussy eater!


SCOOBY Birthday March 28, 2010 / Gotcha Oct 13, 2015
imagechef Scooby wanted poster
Scooby delivery and subscriptions
Scooby Delivery & Subscriptions

I got Scooby at a nearby PetSmart store.  I often went in to look at the cats, but I did not want a fourth one unless it was special.  I wanted a big male tabby like my old cat named Verty who died in 2010.  One day I saw Scooby.  I did not get him that day but thought about him.  Four days later I decided if he was still there, I would get him.  He was still there.  His owner could not care for him.  When he came home he had lots of medical issues, but I took care of them.  He has no fear of anything.  He appears to be leash/lead trained already.  He gets along well with the other cats, and likes to wrestle with Zeke, who enjoys having a male playmate.  He is the leader of the “Scooby Outlaws”.

Scooby wearing penguin hat portrait



My cat photo was selected to be shown on Seattle’s Q13 Fox News television weather report 12/17/2010. The presenter was Erin Mayovsky. Two cats Peep & Verty. are now deceased, but had their moment of fame. Opie alone front right carrys on.

Seattle KCPQ 13 Weather forecast with Erin Mayovsky
Seattle KCPQ 13 Weather forecast with Erin Mayovsky
Erin Mayovsky showing my winning photo
Erin Mayovsky showing my winning photo
Opie (right front) Marigold (right middle) Verty (doorway) Peep (left) Pet Walk Photo Winner
Opie (right front) Marigold (right middle) Verty (doorway) Peep (left) Pet Walk Photo Winner

Note: Verty the cat died Christmas day 2010. Peep died in 2012. Marigold died Jan 17, 2019.

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