zeke in catio

Hot Days and Hot Cats

Hot Days and Hot Cats describes the weather lately. We have no air conditioning or conditioner so the house gets pretty warm. In the early morning before full sunrise I give the boys a treat by opening the catio for a while before the sun hits it. Then it must be closed for the day and they need to find cool spots inside. Opie stays in her room. She is free to go where she chooses however. The house gets closed up and I try to trap the cool night air inside as long as I can.

Zeke and Scooby in catio
Zeke and Scooby
Scooby watching Jabberjaw the Shark drying out after going for a swim in the washing machine.
Scooby sleeping on table
Scooby sleeping
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scooby sleeping

Scooby Dreams of:

Scooby Dreams of: Here are a few samples we believe of Scooby’s dreams on a lazy Sunday. He is sleeping on his favorite Penguins in Snow blanket on the recliner Dad likes to sit in, if he can get there first. Is he dreaming of the cold or dreaming of the sun? What thoughts float around in Scooby’s mind we wonder. Let’s take a peek–

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Zeke TV Time

Zeke TV time. Every weekday Zeke likes to settle down to watch his favorite show–not birds–but Xfiles. He gets settled into his same spot to view each time. But this time Scooby launched a sneak attack!

It’s almost time. Better get your spot!


Ahhh! This is my spot!

zeke and xfiles
sscooby and zeke

Scooby sneak attack! Help! The chupacabra!

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