Happy Thanksgiving (2020)

Zeke Happy Thanksgiving

Yes we know Happy Thanksgiving (2020) is an impossibility. It can only be a shadow of Thanksgivings passed. Our only hope is for Thanksgiving 2021 and hopefully living that long. Frankly we in Washington are under pretty strict lock-down rules; everyone is mad, defiant, or just resigned to it like me. No holiday visitors in your home unless they quarantined two weeks or had a negative covid test 4 days before Thanksgiving. Ever try to get a covid test? What lines! Good luck with that. Anyways, No turkey here or big meal planned. It is Big Pizza Day. No preparation, no clean-up, just eating. Scooby and Zeke are big pizza fans. So for everyone stuck in their homes with nothing to do but read this, have a Happy Thanksgiving! And start making plans and dieting for a really stomach bursting Thanksgiving in 2021!

Scooby cat in Pizza hat

Mt Rainier with cloud cap

Reflections of the past

Reflections of the past shows some pre-Wordpress blog photos from the old days. I started blogging in 2010 or maybe 2009 I can’t remember. The old blogs are deleted long ago. I also deleted most of my WordPress 2013 and 2014 posts to gain free storage space. The photos today are from 2010 and 2011 Opie and Zeke in no particular order. They were younger then: so were we all and much happier as well. . . . The featured photo is new: Mt. Rainier with a cloud cap. Good News: COMMENTS Allowed again on new posts!

2010 Zeke and his close friend orange Tabby Verty. They were great playmates until Verty died of cancer. Scooby was specifically selected to be Zeke’s new playmate and things worked out perfectly. Zeke had to wait five years for Scooby! I thought another tabby would be the best choice.
Dec 19 2010 Opie and Zeke grooming each other
Dec 19 2010 Zeke and Opie in the cat condo
Dec 17 2010 my photo appeared on Seattle Q13 Weather Forecast. Opie in foreground. the other three have passed on.

Thanks to https://www.q13fox.com/pick-my-pet Q13 Fox Seattle

Zeke in bed–things don’t change!
Opie enjoying sun in the catio
I am waiting! How about moving the ball!
Zeke being silly
Opie outside exploring on a frosty day
Opie enjoying her first snow outside.
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