zeke cat autumn

Tenting tonight. Tenting tonight.

♬ Tenting tonight.  Tenting tonight.  Tenting on the old Camp Ground.

Marigold cat tent


Opie tent




Zeke cat tree

Zeke: Where is my tent?

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zeke cat autumn

Potpourri in a photo sense (Updated)

“Potpourri in a photo sense” is just a collection of a few unrelated sense-less photos.  I been losing the plot lately due to “things”!  It’s this or nothing, so here goes:

Scooby carrier

Scooby riding to vet

Scooby vet

14 pound Scooby at the vet. Needs teeth cleaned.


Note the “Painted” fall leaves on the ground. A scary Halloween decoration?  Not my house.

Marigold Nemo Spongebob

Marigold, Nemo, and Spongebob.


Afternoon Mt. Rainier.  Sorry, no Mountain News today! New post Saturday.

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Scooby and Marigold Flashbacks

Here are a few flashback photos today of Marigold and Scooby together.  I was searching through the photos I had not previously posted and found a few.  Most of them are of these cats sleeping.  Imagine that!  Give me an excuse to use them up today.

marigold scooby sleeping

Marigold and Scooby sleeping

Marigold Scooby sleeping

Marigold left Scooby right sleeping

Scooby Marigold

Sleeping Scooby and Marigold in tent

Scooby Marigold

Scooby and Marigold ignoring each other

scooby marigold

Scooby and Marigold watching Zeke walk past

scooby marigold

Scooby watching Marigold with catnip dynamite

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Breaking news Zeke Christine Pressed


SPIKE’S A WINNER / SPIKE UNHAPPY WITH VISITOR is the hottest news from Christine in Scotland. She is a lucky lady!  Comments closed here on the Feline Cafe but open on Christine’s.  Give her a visit please, my friends.  I would really appreciate it!


via Spike not happy with visitor

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Sophisticat or Chupacabra

Is Miss Opie a Sophisticat or Chupacabra? You decide. We went down this road with Marigold a while back. Opie doesn’t like the brush, so she got matted, and finally I had to take drastic action by taking her to the groomer. She was pleased it was not the veterinarian, I think. Her tail looks like a cat toy, and the two boys Scooby and Zeke are attracted to it when she waves her tail around. I had a pill for “relaxation” for her so she would be manageable.

pet groomer

Pet Groomer. Cats enter left-dogs enter right.

Opie cat eating

Sophisticat or Chupacabra?

Opie cat

Miss Opie


Opie a little blurry-must be the tranquilizer!

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