Cats around the house

So, what are we doing today? I think I got a case of “cat block”. I have not been testing out new foods or toys on the cats. What to post?  I was looking at recent photographs trying to make some kind of sense out of them, but I really did not; so, I will just put together some common but hopefully interesting scenes of “Cats around the house” occupied by my multiple cats ie. four.

I will say a breakthrough was made with Scooby. He would occasionally get horrible red scabs on his face which were a sign of food allergies. By trial and error I discovered he is allergic to fish in his food! To make things simple, no one gets fish. Scooby will seek out and find the “fish” plate! I said he was allergic.  I did not say he does not like fish. One thing you have to look out for is the small-print ingredients in your cat food. A can marked “Chicken” can have some fish in it, I discovered!

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Zeke Scooby

Zeke and Scooby hanging out

scooby in chair

Scooby says: This is my chair now!

Scooby Zeke door

Scooby and Zeke: Let us in! We have animal rights!

Scooby Opie

Opie (above) says keep away, Scooby! Getting them both in the same picture frame is rare. She is aloof.

scooby marigold

Scooby and Marigold. Scooby says: this is my plate!

scooby plate

Scooby says: this is my plate too!

Marigold and Zeke eating

Marigold and Zeke enjoying a meal together. I ran out of clean plates and bowls. Whatever they were eating must have been good.

Zeke Scooby

Zeke and Scooby chilling out

Scooby & Katzenworld tummy rub tuesday

Scooby is featured on Katzenworld’s TRT#138  today Tuesday March 21. Since you are already HERE, the photo I used is shown below. If you came here from Katzenworld, I have added a bonus tummy photo for you to view.

Additionally, Zeke was featured on  Katzenworld’s TRT#56 and also  Katzenworld TRT#100

There is much going on in the photo. Firstly it was taken shortly after I adopted him. As you can see, he is thoroughly enjoying his catnip banana. When I first brought him home, he was like a lost soul. He just looked around and did nothing. He responded to nothing. It took quite a while for him to come out of his shell, but he is a busy boy now! I love the spots on his belly.

Scooby the cat nip nana

This is MY nip nana!

Here is a brand new sleeping Scooby displaying his tummy taken two days ago. He has his winter coat.  I wish I could sleep like that! Actually, I could if the cats did not bother me at night!

Scooby cat sleeping

Scooby sleeping