cat cemetery

In Remembrance

The cats on this page were all great friends. They were all close members of the family. They brought great joy to us–every one. I will never forget them.




Tiger was our first cat. We got him from an animal shelter. He was a real figher–a real scrapper. He was allowed outside, and at night he got into fights. Eventually, he was not allowed to go outside at night. He had a crumpled right ear, caused by fighting. He was gentle and friendly and playful with people. He died in 1989. We had him for 6 years.  It was not long enough.




Data the Cat was a great cat. We got him from an animal shelter. We wanted a cat that looked similar to Tiger. His name at the shelter was “Big Lover”. He was a very wise cat. He was the “Yoda” of cats. He was friendly and got along well with all other cats. He was an outdoor day cat, and an indoor night cat. I did not want him fighting at night like Tiger did. He liked to walk about upon computer keyboards, but that is not where he got his name. He was named after a popular television character in Star Trek the Next Generation. We were going to name all of our cats after Star Trek characters, but fortunately, that idea was abandoned with the next arrival. When he got older, he became an indoor cat, who could only go outside under human supervision. Acquired at the age of 2 years, we had Data in our family for a blessed 15 years. He died in 2006. He is buried in the garden.


Verty 100_2950
Verty was a wonderful, playful cat. His original name was “Vertigo.” When he first arrived, he knocked out the screen on a second story window, trying to get a squirrel outside on a tall tree. He fell to the ground. He was immediately rescued, and suffered no injuries at all. He was one of a litter of kittens a neighbor had. We took in Verty. He was yet again another orange cat. His breed was American Shorthair. I really like this breed. If I come across another, I shall adopt him. He was a very playful cat, and formed a bond with Peep. He was an indoor cat. He was the only cat allowed to be out in the back garden alone. He would never leave the property and liked to spend time under the pine trees. We had many laughs with him. He was a real “Traveling Cat.” He loved to ride in the car, and enjoyed trips to and from Portland, Oregon. He loved KFC chicken. He died in 2010 on Christmas Day at the young age of 8 years. It was the worst Christmas day ever! We have funny videos of his antics. He had his moment of fame, appearing on television. See “My Cats” page “FAME”. He is buried in the garden.




Peep was a little kitten that was found by the side of the road all alone. He was a Maine Coon, we later discovered. He particularly was fond of me. We spent countless hours together watching television together every night, with him sitting upon my lap. He and Verty got their photographs on television in 2010. (See the “My Cats” page.) He was great friends with my other cats, and loved to play and run with them. He enjoyed spending time outside in the garden under supervision. He was always an indoor cat. He died Jan 18, 2012 at the age of 16 years. He is buried in the garden.




The story of Gracie is a little unusual. She was a small tortoise-shell cat. One day I was walking out in the garden and I thought I heard a noise. I ignored it and went inside. The next time I was up by the old wooden playhouse, at the time used as a garden shed, I heard the noise again. I bent down and looked underneath the shed. Underneath I saw the face of a small cat. I could not reach it. I got some dry cat food, put it on a plate, and slid it underneath the shed. The little cat was eating it, but I could not reach it.

I took food up to the shed everyday. I did not always see the cat there, but by the next day, the plate was empty. I slid the plate closer and closer to the outside of the shed, until the cat had to stick her head out to eat. I did not try to catch her. Soon after, I saw her at the rear sliding glass door of my house, asking to come inside. She could see the food bowls in the kitchen for the other cats. I let her come inside. I wanted to keep her. I fixed up a place for her in the garage, separated from the other cats, until they all got accustomed to her presence.

Asking around, I found out the cat belonged to a neighbor in a house behind mine. I was not happy. Then he said we could keep her, because his other dogs and cats bullied her. That is why she came to my house. And so I did keep her. I was glad when I moved away, just in case the old owner someday changed his mind, and wanted her back!

She already had the name Gracie. She had a brother named George. They were named after comedians George and Gracie Allan. She was an indoor/outdoor cat. She stayed inside at night. I had seen coyotes in my yard at night. In fact, they ate all of my neighbors outdoor cats, rabbits, and geese! She was my most intelligent cat. You could see the intelligence in her eyes. We called her “The Boss.” Although the smallest, she would not take any nonsense from my other cats. She died Jan 11, 2013. We had her 17 years. She is buried in the garden.

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  1. What a great memorial to each and every one of your fur babies. My cat is 15 and still thinks she’s a kitten. She runs, jumps, and makes me nervous. I keep telling her that if she isn’t careful she might break a hip. She doesn’t listen to me.

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    1. Now matter how long they live, they always seem to die too soon. Today if I adopt a kitten, the odds are better than even it will outlive me. that is a consideration. I have been thinking about “senior” cats. But we shall see. I do not pick them, as they pick me.

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