This is my 100th post on WordPress.  It took me two years to get here!  Tortoise and the Hare is all I have to say.  In celebration of the arrival of Summer, I decided to do something different, and post a summertime photograph of children and their pets.


This is probably my favorite stereoview in my collection.

It’s title is: “The little playmates.” According to the stamps on the card, it has won numerous American and international awards, beginning in 1887. The card is finally copyrighted in 1890 by George Barker of Niagara Falls, New York.The enlarged panel is very nostalgic. We see a group of boys and girls playing with a wagon. They must sit very still and hold their pets for the slow camera lens. Playing with them, we see a dog and two cats or kittens. The father is sitting on the porch watching.



The Little Playmates 1897

Cat sitting

Marigold loves summer



  1. I used to have a stereoscope and cards, too, that had once belonged to my mother. I think it’s still around…somewhere. It was the hologram of it’s day. 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder.of a far different time.

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