2 cats Scooby and Zeke

Christine’s Calendar Cat for January (2018 posted 2021)

Zeke and Scooby were Christine’s Calendar Cats for January 2018. The CURRENT series finished with December 2020, because I have no new cat calendar. Christine made and sent me a calendar with the TWO of us portrayed each month for 2021. It was a wonderful surprise! It hangs over my desk where I see it all the time. I shall, however, not be making it public here! Sooooo. . .

I started posting calendar photos in June 2018 every month forward, so I will ‘tentatively’ post the early part of 2018 through May this year to complete 2018. That’ll be it for 2021. Ironically the calendar dates for 2016 are identical to 2021, but after much searching, I found I had cut out the cat photographs and put them in a photo album so the calendar is no longer intact. Oh well. . . .This calendar photo is from 2017. The upstairs window is still a popular place with a great view.

Scooby and Zeke

I have added a photo to this post I would have used if I were making a calender this month for Zeke and Scooby. Both these guys are different breeds with Scooby a red shorthair tabby and Zeke a Maine Coon, but they get along famously.

2 cats Scooby and Zeke
Zeke and Scooby
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