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Catio Nights

This post is about catio nights.

I only let the cats out in the catio in the dark when I am awake.  When I go to sleep every one must come in.  Sometimes some coaxing is required, but all in all, they are pretty good about coming in on command.  There is a wooded area in the back of my lot, which is of great interest to the cats, because of the birds and other critters that like it out there.  Many hours is spent in surveillance.  Additionally, Scooby is the only cat that looks up to watch the airplanes flying over the house.  The other cats take no notice.  Sometimes they hang out until after sundown.  Early in the morning when I get up before sun up, they go out again.  It is primarily the boys–Scooby and Zeke–who are interested in staying out after dark.



Scooby Zeke

Scooby and Zeke

Scooby Zeke


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breaking news reblog zeke

In this recommended reblog, Christine tells a cat story from the past, and juxtapositions a 28 year old photo with one taken today. Think you will like it if you look.

spike the scottish black cat.


I used to live on a farm. A friend who was working in the fields on the combine came to the door he held his cap out and inside were the most gorgeous tiny ginger kittens I have ever seen. My friend said luckily  he had noticed them crouching in the corn field.

I fell in love with them both they must have been brothers no sign of mum or dad.One was short haired whom I named Oscar and the other one was long haired whom I named Aslan. They were both such fun to have about although Aslan seemed slower at things they were such happy brothers.

When they were 6 months old it was time to get them neutered at my local vets as I have had cats all my life I thought this will be straight forward and they would be back home at tea time…..I got a…

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Use Earth Friendly Shopping Bags

Use earth friendly bags and not disposable plastic bags.  July 12 Tacoma passed a law–no more flimsy plastic bags.  (I’m a little late on this post, but we get there in the end!)  They endanger marine wildlife and clutter the landscape. If you need a bag, you have to pay 5 cents for a recyclable paper bag or reusable bags will also be available for purchase. Grocery produce bags, dry cleaning bags, and newspaper bags are still allowed and free.  Low income people receiving certain benefits get bags for free. That is good news for the cats as they like paper bags. I have quite a few reusable shopping bags of my own.  Marigold is more of a “box cat” than a “bag cat” so she does not appear today.  Let’s see the cats being earth-friendly.

Opie on paperbag


Zeke in paper bag


Scooby in shopping bags


Opie in shopping bag


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Life in the catio then and now

This post is about life in the catio then and now.

THEN: I rummaged around my external hard drive, and pulled out some old catio pre-digital photographs. The catio photos are taken at my previous house, where I originally built the thing. Aside from a few repairs, it is still the same catio. The cats shown are Peep (Maine Coon), Data–long hair orange and white, and Verty–a tabby like Scooby. All crossed over the bridge quite a while back. They can be read about on my In Remembrance page. Interestingly enough in both locations, the catio faces East. My next door neighbors had cats, rabbits, and geese. When coyotes killed them all, I decided my cats were going to be indoor cats from then on. I could not bear losing them. And thus, the catio, or catrun, as I called it then was created.

me cats and catio

Old Polaroid of me and cats checking out the new catio for the first time 2001

The above featured photo is a polaroid from 2001, which I repost today as it is the only one I have like this.

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