Scooby cowboy hat

Ten Gallon Scooby

Wordless Wednesday: Ten Gallon Scooby

Scooby cowboy hat

Ten Gallon Scooby

We are participating in Comedy-Plus Blog Hop

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Mt Rainier

Morning Mountain News

Welcome to another edition of the Morning Mountain News, coming to you from a WalMart parking lot in Puyallup, WA!  Sorry about the light poles in the picture–no Ansel Adams photo prize today!  Got a lot of things to show today.  Our roving reporter was sent out to the Washington State Fair in Puyallup. For many years I lived next to it, if you Washingtonians can believe that, and I attended more times than I can remember.  A lot to show today, so let’s get going!

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scooby microwave


Scooby sleeping on the microwave from a photograph.

scooby microwave

Scooby sleeping on top of the microwave

This was made using Affinity Designer. Several color layers were made.  Here is a six minute video of creating a two layer artwork.  I added this because people are asking.

Joining Comedy-Plus Feline Friday

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Mt Rainier WA

Morning Mountain News / TMI (2)

We haven’t had any kind of Mountain News in a while.  Today is just news and odds and ends–some good: some bad.  Took this photo the other morning as the sky was clear.

Marigold is still mobile and eating and drinking  and licking everybody but losing weight rapidly.

The Cat Killer is still out there.  13 victims so far.  A six person task force is on the case 24 / 7.  Killer profiled as unsuccessful male, seeking attention, living alone, and of unremarkable appearance–no one seems to notice him. Reward now $41,000 or €35,000 or ₤31,700.  He is staying in the Olympia area about an hours drive away, so we are down from Red Alert to Yellow Alert.

The horrible smoke in the atmosphere was blown away into another direction for a week into someone else’s face, but now and then it becomes hazardous again depending on the day, weather, and wind shifts.  Major wildfires continue to burn in the region.

A few days back Channel 13, Q13 Fox Seattle, lost their internet and had to make signs. Watching the weather was like back in the old days of Black and White almost. I liked it and snapped a photo.


WE lost our Internet! (Fair Use)

Photo Credit Q13 Fox Seattle

I did receive the “Curious Cats” coloring book I won from Caren on “Cat Chat with Caren and Cody”.

Greg Scooby book

Pretty good book, eh, Scoob?

Greg Scooby Book

Look at this one!

TMI (2)

These TMI questions came from Joelle Two on a Rant

1. Share your profile photo.  Not my “profile” photo which is Zeke the Kid, but my “About” page photo which is not very old:



2. Who are you named after?
Don’t know. Probably actor Gregory Peck. We are like twins!

3. Do you like your handwriting? No samples for you, but I take handwriting and legibility very seriously!

4. What is my favorite lunch meat? Deli ham sliced ultra thin.

5. Longest relationship: Married 34 years til Death parted us.

6. Do you still have your tonsils? NO

7. Would you bungee jump? No. They would be hauling a dead body back up!

8. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? If I can untangle the knot the shoe lace is in!

9. Favorite ice cream? Vanilla (real not artificial flavour)

10. What is the first thing you notice about people? Their smile. Don’t smile and I don’t notice you!

11. Football or baseball? American football

12. What color pants are you wearing? New dark blue jean blue.

13. Last thing I ate? Unsweetened cereal with milk, a Cheerios knockoff. Saved a buck!

14. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? Burnt Sienna–yes, it was discontinued–just like me!

15. Favorite smell? Perfumed woman–

16. Who was the last person I spoke to on the phone? Plenty of “robots”, business, and scam calls, don’t know!

17. Hair color? Silver predominately

18. Eye color? Brown

19. Favorite food to eat? Fresh baked bread with real butter.  It’s a genetic thing.  My grandmother said she could live on just that.  She lived to be 100!

20. Scary movies or happy endings? How about “action” film with a happy ending!

21. Last movie you watched? “The Time Machine” (2002)

22. Beer or wine? Don’t drink alcohol for health reasons now–that’s why I am still here!

23. Favorite Holiday: CHRISTMAS! No explanation necessary!

24. Favorite Day of the Week? Sunday. It is the quietest day of the week figuratively and literally.

25. Three favorite bloggers you want to learn more about?  ANSWER: “Pass” for many good reasons!

26. Substitute question for # 25: What do you appreciate the most in life?
Answer: The people and animals I love who love me.

Mt Rainier WA

Mt Rainier Washington

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floppy disc

Cougar Mania Re-edited

“Cougar Mania” celebrates our 9th Anniversary!  You see, 9 years ago Christine and I  both started blogging at the same time!  I saw Christine’s blog and bravely and fatefully asked if she would like to see my blog.  She did. We became blogging friends and correspondents, and more!

“Cougar Mania” was an early post I wrote where Christine wrote her first comment.   She was my only follower and hers was my only comment!  I backed up the old blog before deleting it, so it is only on my computer.  Reading this again, seems like only yesterday that I wrote the post.

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