National Pet Memorial Day–is every day

Sunday is National Pet Memorial Day.  Verty, Peep, and Gracie are buried in the backyard. They used to be my family of three cats. They were great friends.  It is hard to believe they are gone now. I am glad I have many photographs. Their stories can be read here.  

They are in an overgrown area. I have yet to be able to clear it properly. I probably never will. I can see the cat statues from my upstairs windows. The cats were not cremated. I did not want them to get lost. Cremated people get lost! How easy to lose a pet.  What if I move? If I had my way, the only place I would move to is back there with them, but that is not allowed! I am not planning on ever moving again.

Keeping the undergrowth off them is constant task.  A tree almost fell on them. It is in the foreground. In the final photo I am finished, at least for a while.  Winter is coming.  The brush will die away until next Spring. They all loved playing in the yard.  Perhaps if you look out of the corner of your eye, you will see them playing still. . . .

cat cemetery


cat cemetery

Verty (L) Peep (R) Gracie (Top)

cat cemetery

Late Summer



  1. I buried mine also in the garden. I have made stone graves and on each I painted a stone and wrote the name and date on it. Always under big bushes.

    Now also following you here I can’t miss anything 😉



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  2. hi, I’m here for the rainbows and ponies with purple tails that were promised on blogger-land. I would like to start with the rainbows, can you point me in the direction of where I’ll find them? Thanks!


  3. That is a beautiful kitty cemetery. I read their stories, and they were all lucky to have their forever homes with you. My kitties are indoor only so I feel bad burying them outside which is why I had them cremated. Thank you for your kind words about Lucy’s passing, her box of ashes will join her friend KaChoo’s in our closet.

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  4. It’s really okay…you are allowed to be serious every once in a while.
    Just don’t a habit of it.
    Our animals are precious. I have been know to stop the car and move a dead cat to the side of the road just so it won’t be “squished”. I almost did that with a couple of raccoons yesterday but since it was on the 509 freeway I stood a good chance of being “squished” myself and took the course of reason over heart. Heart usually wins out but not this time.


    1. It has been a serious weekend for me hasn’t it? I do not see any more serious matters until Veterans Day in November, as I already wrote that one. People may find it “interesting” as I shall make a rare personal appearance! This post does really bum me out. I won’t post again until this-coming Saturday.

      There is a fourth cat buried there. One December near my house I found a dead cat by the side of the road. He had no tags. He was a beautiful large brown cat. I left him there for a few days as he was frozen, hoping perhaps his owners would spot him. After 3 days I put him in my old red metal Radio Flyer wagon and took him home. He is in the “empty” spot. I named him “Chat”. It has been a couple years, but today I realize I should have taken him to the vet to see if he was micro-chipped. I never thought of it at the time. Odds are he wasn’t but we will never know.

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