Morning Mountain News: Washington State Fair

carnival rides

Panorama of large rides

This is a special issue of the Mountain News: Washington State Fair.  Last Friday I got fed up of being at home and went to the fairgrounds.  I wanted to eat junk food and get some more photographs.  Since people were working and school was in session, it was not crowded and quite pleasant. I am an adult on my own so I avoided any rides or arcade games.  I stuck to the things with “adult” interest.   My phone app said I walked 5 miles while I was there.  I am sorry that there were no cats there.  There was dog  judging on the day I was there, and frankly, I am not a dog person, so no photos.  They do judge cats as well.  Everything at the fair is being judged, so everything is of quality animate or inanimate.  I put a representative sample of photos in a gallery.  View many more:

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  1. Looks like an interesting event. Did you get a blooming onion? My state has a fair that I haven’t been to in years, but my favorite part was the food. They have state buildings for each of the New England states so I used to eat my way through them 🙂

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    1. Ferris wheel in top photo. Lots of rides but I was not interested in them and did not photograph. The fairgrounds are permanent and everything stays there year round. There are events every weekend. I don’t drive so traffic and parking no issue. Next event I have interest in is Oktoberfest with food, beer, German dancing, German bands, German vendors. How far from Tacoma am I? To Tacoma downtown central maybe 6 or 7 miles. Thanks for your comment !

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