Morning Mountain News: Washington State Fair

carnival rides

Panorama of large rides

This is a special issue of the Mountain News: Washington State Fair.  Last Friday I got fed up of being at home and went to the fairgrounds.  I wanted to eat junk food and get some more photographs.  Since people were working and school was in session, it was not crowded and quite pleasant. I am an adult on my own so I avoided any rides or arcade games.  I stuck to the things with “adult” interest.   My phone app said I walked 5 miles while I was there.  I am sorry that there were no cats there.  There was dog  judging on the day I was there, and frankly, I am not a dog person, so no photos.  They do judge cats as well.  Everything at the fair is being judged, so everything is of quality animate or inanimate.  I put a representative sample of photos in a gallery.  View many more:

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  1. I haven’t been to our State Fair in a several years, even though we live less than 5 miles from the fairgrounds. I always enjoy seeing the unusually large farm animals, draft horses like the Clydesdales, and some of the 4-H animals.

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    1. I like to see the animals and walk through the barns and smell the farm smells of my childhood. Very nostalgic. (the link attached to your icon sends me to an error page.) Thanks for your comments and visit!


  2. Looks like an interesting event. Did you get a blooming onion? My state has a fair that I haven’t been to in years, but my favorite part was the food. They have state buildings for each of the New England states so I used to eat my way through them 🙂

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    1. Ferris wheel in top photo. Lots of rides but I was not interested in them and did not photograph. The fairgrounds are permanent and everything stays there year round. There are events every weekend. I don’t drive so traffic and parking no issue. Next event I have interest in is Oktoberfest with food, beer, German dancing, German bands, German vendors. How far from Tacoma am I? To Tacoma downtown central maybe 6 or 7 miles. Thanks for your comment !

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      1. Sounds like a very cool place. Oktoberfest would be wonderful.

        I saw the ferris wheel image. I’m a rollercoaster lover but, enjoy the ferris wheel, too. It seems to be a little more comforting to a full stomach.

        Loved all the pix.

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      1. I’ve never been to one but the next time we have the county fair I’ll try to get there. I hadn’t realize how much was going on. I just thought rides and fried food before.

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        1. There was so much going on I cannot even respond here. Looked it up and it is the 10th largest fair in the US with attendance just above 1 million visitors. Imagine this little town with a million visitors–did I forget to mention the traffic!? Ha Ha

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