For more months than I can count, Crystal Stewart has been nominating me for all kinds of awards, etc., etc.  I do appreciate the thought. We don’t do awards ever, but I am giving in this one time for something called the TMI Tag–whatever that is!  This is it readers!  The one and only!  I won’t be nominating anyone. Also I am really doing this for someone else–I cannot say. . . .

01 What are you wearing? Jeans, flannel checked shirt
02 Ever been in love? Yes.

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I won a prize!

I won an actual physical prize for the first time.  I won it through luck of the draw.  I won it from Tails from the Foster Kittens.

Here they are:



Scooby book

Scooby would like a story.

There is a book of true life cat stories and a heart with a paw print on the front. There are at least two stories of Christmas cats in the book, I think. We like stories about Christmas cats! We are happy to have received our generous prizes from Connie.

New post Wednesday Oct 25!

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Unusual Billboard Cat! (Updated July 28, 2017)

cat marijuana billboard

Marijuana Billboard

This post shows a nearby marijuana billboard with a cat on it! And you thought you had seen everything! There are four shops within walking distance to my house.  UPDATE: July 28, 2017.  The issue of course is the picture of the cat, as you can read about in some of the posted comments here.  A law has just been passed which only allows the name, address, and name of the product(s) sold to be on the billboard.  “Mascots” and “cartoons” are not allowed, which means no more cats on the signs.  I guess this puts the issue to rest.  The present signs comply with the law and are unremarkable.



Scooby Billboard

Not to be outdone!


Lions in woodland park zoo seattle

Here are a few photos of lions taken at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle this week. Pictures of animals in zoos may not be interesting to some. Many do not like to see animals confined in zoos. If they were not in a zoo, they may not survive, as the wild is a dangerous place now. If you cannot see a real animal in a zoo, how can you care about them in the wild, when you have never seen a real one? I wonder if Scooby would be afraid of seeing these animals? There is a very slim chance a mountain lion or bear could show up in my backyard–but slim is not zero! I have many animal photos to choose from but I will just stick with these cats, as this is, after all, a cat blog.

Lions in zoo

Seattle Woodland Park Zoo

male lion

Scooby Senior

scooby cat

Tabby cats are descended from African wildcats. See any resemblance? Cats, giraffes, and camels are the only animals that walk putting their right front foot and right rear foot forward; then left front and left rear foot forward, and so forth and so on. You might need to know this on the “Jeopardy” television quiz.

Below is shown a photo of lions in the London Zoo I took back in 1976! When you are counting how many shots you have left on your roll of film, you have to be selective. I concentrated on “people” photographs. They are the ones that stand the test of time.

zoo lions

Lions in London Zoo 1976

Tower Bridge London

1976 Tower Bridge London (Kodachrome Slide)


“Here, Kitty, Kitty!” game review

This post reviews the board game “Here, Kitty, Kitty!” Scooby is sick again with something mysterious, and is taking antibiotics. We will give him a break today with this game review. Hopefully he will be appearing again soon.


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Scooby and I

Scooby cat

Scooby (edited photo)

Scooby and I are trying to entertain ourselves. A big storm blew through and knocked out our power. So we listen to music on a battery powered radio. You may notice Scooby’s shaved neck. He had something inserted into his jugular vein at the hospital so they could monitor his blood. As you can see, he is looking much better. We do have differences about how much food he gets, and when he gets it. We are having a discussion about that right now. I am afraid we cannot make changes yet, and must follow the doctor’s advice.

Zeke the cat in a bag

Die wortlose Mittwoch or Triday, Washington 12

Hurrah for “die wortlose Mittwoch”! Two weeks ago I had to deal with Woden or Odin’s day ie. wordless Wednesday. Today I can deal with the German day “Midweek”. That makes sense! I still haven’t got the wordless or wortlos part down yet–maybe next time.  Anyway, Zeke is not allowed to play with plastic bags or even bags with handles, which can be hazardous, but paper bags are allowed.

Zeke the cat in a bag


It has been centuries since the calendar names of the days were updated.
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