OPIE Birthday April 6 (14 years old)

Here we are again on the birthday trolley ! She is the oldest cat in the house. Opie is excited as she got a new entertainment center installed and getting set up in her dresser hide out. We won’t be seeing much of her out and about for a while. Happy Birthday Opie!

Did you see the werewolf moon out back? I stayed hidden watching cat tv on my new set up.

Werewolf Moon
Werewolf Moon
Signature Grreg
signature greg


  1. happee 14 two ewe gorgoeuz and heerz two happee day wizhez, fizhez in dizhez and pizza piez and friez.. N joy, get inta trubullz and a yeer a head filled with healtheez and treetz ❤️❤️❤️🐟🐟🐟

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