Girl sleeping with her cat (1905)

I think it is time to put up another stereoview from my collection. Not much is happening with my cats at the moment. This particular card is not rare at all. Views of children and their pets were popular subjects. This particular card is copyrighted in 1905 by the card publishing giant Underwood & Underwood in the USA.

stereoview girl and cat

Entering the gates of Sleepy Land


The photograph is not a snapshot. I am sorry to say that the photograph is posed in a photographic studio. The little girl is not asleep really, as you may be able to tell by the grip she has on the cat with her hand. The cat looks more like he is purring than sleeping. I will say that the cat has a very familiar face. I bet he is orange. What do you think? He has probably run through his nine lives by now. The little girl is probably 110 years old, more or less.

3 cats in bed

Opie Marigold and Zeke entering the gates of Sleepy Land


    1. No, it is the real thing. In the past I have been known to “grayscale” them to make them look better, but I do not think any of those are posted here on WordPress.


        1. And very profitable! Other card companies cashed in as well doing the same photo with a different doll, different girl, and a different cat, but otherwise the same! Who took the photo first, I do not know. I do not have one of the other cards, but I will keep my eye out for one. If I find one on the net, I will “link” it here. Thanks for your comment.


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