Christine’s Calendar Cat for November 2019

Zeke and Angel Marigold are my Love Christine’s Calendar Cat picks for November 2019. The calendar was a present made by link: Christine and Spike, and sent late last year for use this year. She could not know that our calendar girl Marigold would no longer be with us. Christine has been sending calendars to me from Scotland for many years now. They mean a lot.😻❤💕

Zeke Marigold November 2019 Calendar
Zeke and Angel Marigold
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A House Cat’s Life

A House Cat’s Life shows a few photos of the activities here at the felinecafe, to include walking outside, the catio, eating grass, playing, hiding, watching television, and warming up by the fireplace.

Scooby in harness outside
Wonder where Scooby will go next?
Scooby harness
Scooby eating grass
This looks like a good patch!
Opie Zeke bed
Opie and Zeke in bed
Scooby Zeke
Scooby wants to play
Scooby Zeke fighting
Scooby and Zeke boxing. Illegal punch to the throat!
scooby cat carrier
Scooby Going to the vet
Zeke eating
Zeke eating
Zeke catio
Zeke catio
Scooby catio
Scooby catching some rays
Zekee and tv
Zeke checking out a recipe
Scooby Zeke
Scooby and Zeke, Nemo and Spongebob
Scooby OPie fireplace
Opie and Scooby in Front of Fireplace
3 cats in front of fireplace
Left to Right Zeke, Scooby, and Opie in Front of Fireplace
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Scooby on table

4 Years with Scooby

I cannot believe it but we have had “4 Years with Scooby”. He is the newest member of the family. He learned to fit in, and learned a lot living here with the other cats. Zeke and he are buddies and play pals. So Scooby, we will look back a little. I think we were much better than your previous home by far! Glad we gotcha!

Scooby in shelter cage
Note “Almost Home” sign. I arrive to pick up Scooby and take him home.
Scooby sitting
This room suits me! This is my new home!
Scooby catnip banana
Look what I found!
Scooby by computer
I learned to blog!
Scooby elf hat
Look! I’m an ELF!
Scooby in tent
Look at me! My new home!
Zeke Scooby
Me and my new brother Zeke!
Scooby on table
Scooby “Still Life”
Scooby hiding
NEW: Scooby Hide and Seek
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Prize Winnings

I got lucky and won prizes from TWO blogs in one week! I decided to wait until I got both prizes before talking about them. The blogs are:

Its All About the Cats and
Memories of Eric and Flynn

First off from “Its All About the Cats” and Rene comes the new “Sliders Treat-hunt Puzzle Toy”. I have seen these popping up on several cat blogs I follow recently. There are three more “holey” boxes inside the big one to make getting the treats out more challenging. The cat enthralled by this is Zeke who is shown below. It is difficult to get Scooby to eat treats most of the time, and Opie doesn’t like playing games. Treats put in the puzzle at night seem to mysteriously disappear in the morning. I have no security cameras to see who is getting them.

Secondly, from Jackie of “Memories of Eric and Flynn” comes a surprise mystery package all the way from the UK with items I cannot get here. The catnip and food items were very popular. Scooby however just sniffed the food items, looked confused, and did not eat them at all. Opie and Zeke loved the food. The items are listed and shown below:

Sliders Treat Hunt
Sliders Treat Hunt Puzzle Toy
Zeke and Sliders treat hunt puzzle
Zeke trying to get treat

Below is the Mystery Prize Package from Memories of Eric and Flynn in the UK.

Eric and Flynn Prizes
Blue Tent, 2020 Eric and Flynn Caturday Art Calendar, Webbox Cats Delight Tasty Sticks, Felix Cat Food Goody Bags, Eric & Flynn Refrigerator magnet, Curious Facts about Cats book, Catkins mini mice tails with natural wild catnip, cat paws ballpoint pen, a nice card from Jackie with Eric
and Flynn on the front, and an “animated” book mark.
A closer look
Zeke and Scooby and catnip mouse
Zeke and Scooby playing with Catkins catnip mouse
Zeke playing with mouse toy
Zeke and Scooby and mouse
Opie Zeke cat tents
Zeke checking out new tent hanging ball while Opie looks on. There goes the neighborhood!
Opoie in blue tent
I live here now!
Zeke eating
Zeke loves Webbox Cats Delight Tasty Sticks!
Opie eating
Opie loves Webbox Cats Delight tasty sticks

It was definitely like Christmas around here, and fun was had by all. Yes, Scooby DID like the Catkins mini mice tails! .Let me say thank you very much to Rene and Jackie for these wonderful prizes!

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Summer Memories in the Catio

Summer Memories in the Catio consists of unposted photos of the three residents of the Feline Cafe in the catio this summer. Rain and chill will soon be here and lounging outside in the catio will not always be the daily option as it was during the long lazy sunny summer days. Soon the spot in front of the fireplace will take precedence.

zeke in catio watching squirrel
Zeke watching Squirrel in catio
Opie in catio
Scooby in catio
Scooby Zeke in catio
Scooby and Zeke
Scooby Zeke catio
Zeke and Scooby, Look at that!
Zeke in catio
Opie in catio
Scooby in catio asleep
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