Vintage Squeaky Cat Postcards

This post is about squeaky cat postcards.

The squeaky cat postcards below were all given to me as a gift. I had never seen them before. Squeaky postcards of all kinds were made in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. Cats were not the only subject. Two pieces of paper were glued together with the squeaker placed inbetween the layers. All the cards have a bulge in the middle. The squeaker is the same sound regardless of the photographs displayed. I did no photo-editing at all on the photographs. None of mine were ever mailed so I have no definitive date on any of them. Someone must have just been saving the cards. They are devoid of publisher except for #2 which was made in France. All of the others were made in Japan. I saw many for sale on the internet with asking prices varying from $1 each to double digits–good luck with that double digit asking price!

I made a short video so you could hear the “squeak” and watch Marigold who was sleeping being disturbed by the noise.

Photographs of the individual postcards follow:

Squeaky cat postcard


Squeaky cat postcard

#2 Rhodania Lyon France Carte Postale

Squeaky cat postcard


Squeaky cat postcard


Squeaky cat postcard


Squeaky cat postcard


squeaky cat postcard


Which card do you like best?



  1. Hallo lieber Greg,

    was es nicht alles gab oder gibt. Katzen waren schon früher ein beliebtes Objekt wie man anhand der Karten sehen kann. Die Idee des Quietschen ist ja lustig. Mir gefallen die Nr. 2 und Nr. 5 sehr gut.
    Wie ich lesen konnte machst du bald Urlaub. Ich wünsche dir wunderbare, erholsame Tage. Dir und deinen lieben Fellnasen eine gute Zeit und immer das Beste in allem.

    Liebe Grüsse
    Julia mit Fiona & Finn

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  2. Wow, I had no idea squeakers were ever put in postcards! These are great! I really like the first one of the cats on the basket.

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