In Memory of Marigold’s Gotcha Day (May 19 2007)

There was something about the date today that told me it was important, but I could not remember why. Then I got an appointment reminder from the vet, who does not know Marigold crossed the Bridge in January, and I remembered. The local (kill shelter at the time but good now) had an excess of 300 animals they needed to get shed of, and they were holding an adoptathon on Saturday, May 19, 2007. I decided I was going to save someone–didn’t know who. I packed a cat carrier into the car, and my wife and I got to the shelter at opening time. The doors opened, and we swarmed inside. There was a big crowd. I had hardly gone inside when I saw Marigold in a cage. I knew if I passed her by to look at the others, she would be gone when I returned, so in 30 seconds or less, I said, “She’s mine!” And so she was. She was picked up as a stray in Tacoma. She was very loving and fussing. Did the paperwork, and brought her home. She was probably the best cat ever, when I think back upon all the cats that lived with us. When my wife was at home dying of cancer in 2010, Marigold would jump up on her hospital bed beside her and lick her face.

Estimated at 4 years old when I got her, she was my oldest cat when she died this past January. Relationships changed between the three remaining cats for the better. They like each other more. Maybe they appreciate each other more. Opie and Zeke were kittens when I got them, and they also knew my wife. Scooby is the newcomer. So I think back today on Marigold and hold her bright green collar. She is buried with the others back in my cat cemetery in the woods. If I call out her name, the other cats start looking about for her. I am trying not to be sad, but I cannot help it.

Marigold enjoyed supervised walks outside, so I put up some today. She was very happy outside. I never normally do “flashbacks” but today I just feel like it.

cat catbed
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Scooby cat cat condo

Cat Condo with Scooby

This post is about the cat condo with Scooby.  The cat condo goes back to 2011 I think.  It has had periods of popularity and periods of total neglect.

Scooby Zeke Marigold cat condo
2016 Can I please come in? asked Marigold. No room for you Marigold. We need a basement apartment!

You know how cats are.  A popular sleeping place for Scooby is a cardboard box.  He often is hard to find when he is sleeping under it.  I decided to upgrade his box and put the condo on top of it.  Could use some “decoration.” Maybe I could put an even bigger box under it! It was not long before Scooby moved in!  A change in position can often revitalize an unused item.

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Christine’s Calendar Cat for February 2019

Marigold is my love Christine’s Calendar Cat pick for February 2019. The calendar was a present made by Christine and Spike (Christine & Spike), and sent last year for use this year. Little did we know that Marigold would not be with us in February. This is a good tribute to remember her by. She died 17 January 2019. Her photo here is from August 2017. Seems like yesterday. Christine has been sending calendars to me for many years now. I hope she never stops making them for me.

February Marigold Calendar
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Marigold’s Last Gallery

Marigold’s Last Gallery is a collection of old and some unpublished new photos of Marigold. As I write this, she is dying of kidney cancer, and has little time left. This is the last appearance of the Steamboat Queen. I wanted to post these while she is still alive. I probably will not be answering any comments . She is over 15 years old and I got her at a shelter holding an adoptathon. Your mum who helped me get you, and passed away years back, will be waiting for you with your old pals Verty, Peep, and Gracie. You can all play together and be a family again. In the meantime, I will be here with you so you are not alone.

Marigold was a steamboat queen,
The purrtiest cat that you’ve ever seen!
With long creamy hair
And those big green eyes,
We’re all in love.
I can tell no lies!
She has a picture in bed,
Hangin’ over the bar.
The sultriest cat in the bay by far.
She runs the gambling tables,
The dice and the wheel,
And it’s not just by chance
That you got a bad deal!
It’s snake eyes you’ll get,
DON’T you know?
Whether Anchorage, Alaska,
or cold Juneau.
Seattle, Tacoma,
Vancouver too,
She’ll win your money–
Nothing you can do.
Cats, stay away
From her games of sin,
And the green-eyed temptress
Who will lure you in,
With plates of fresh tuna–
Everything is free!
Won’t you sit a while and
Play a little game with me?


Christmas Means (2018)


zeke laundry basket no meta
I am a bad boy, again!

CHRISTMAS MEANS:  exploring the new Christmas tree!

CHRISTMAS MEANS:  remembering the cats of Christmas past. . . .
cat cemetery 2013
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  putting together new cat furniture.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  eating good food
Zeke dinner table


 2013-11-16_Zeke in box nmd
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  playing in the snow!
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  sitting in the dark with Christmas lights for illumination.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  arranging the tree branches.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  looking for burned out light bulbs.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  adjusting the ornaments.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  sleeping underneath the tree.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  putting the Christmas tree up more than once!
Christmas tree and train

Putting up the Christmas tree and train set



Marigold wearing Santa hat

Wearing Santa hats

Zeke in snow

Playing in the snow if we are lucky

Zeke and Marigold

Playing with your friends

Zeke and Verty cat

Remembering old friends (Verty RIP)

3 cats christmas

Visits by the ghosts of Christmas past! Left to Right Angels Gracie, Data, Peep.


Making our Christmas blog


Zeke and Marigold playing with feather

Playing with danglers

Opie playing in box

Playing in boxes

Zeke on Christmas card

Sending Christmas Cards

Zeke and Opie under tree

Meeting under the Christmas tree


Christmas cat sock

Hanging up your Christmas Cat Sock

Scooby toys fireplace
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  warming by the fireplace
Christmas Means:  WEARING SANTA HATS
Scooby Zeke Christmas Paper

We hope you enjoyed our annual CHRISTMAS MEANS post with some additional photos added this year.  Christmas also means LOVE.

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