Deer / visiting cat

Today we are going to see some deer and a new visiting neighborhood cat.

It was only last week I was at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. Now, when I look out the window into my backyard, what do I see? Looks like they followed me home!


Neighbor frightens deer to come into my backyard

More deer and cat photos follow:


Mother deer keeping a watchful eye open


He is gone. We can relax and eat.


Time to get moving.


Time for some more exploring. See the fawns’ spots.


Looking for the path out–just a hop over the fence

Visiting cat

There is a new visiting cat in the neighborhood. In the early evening he likes to sit next to the catio while the two boys Zeke and Scooby sit by the wire on the inside. The cat I nicknamed “Tic” runs away when he sees me. He looks in pretty good shape–at least for the moment. Where he came from I do not know. I know when he is outside because Scooby sings the song of his people when Scooby sees him outside the window.


Tic the visiting cat





  1. Could be true I have a strange cat that comes into the garden when Spike is inside.He doesn’t know I watch him he is a grey strip tabby he must be a kitten as he is very small.Your so lucky being able to capture the deer and fawns.Even when I go up the forest very rarely do I see deer.Really enjoyed looking at the photos.Tic is gorgeous do you think he will move in!!!!!when he gets more used to you?

  2. Lieber Greg,

    wie schön Wildtiere im Garten beobachten zu können und dann noch so hübsche. Wir leben zwar auch an einem Wald, aber leider sieht man von Rehe wenig wegen der Landwirtschaft.
    Oh ein Neuer. Da bin ich mal gespannt wie sich die Geschichte weiter entwickelt. 🙂

    Alles Liebe

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