Deer Scooby

In Deer Scooby, Scooby is in the catio alerting me to the fact there are two deer sitting down outside. Scooby does not like deer at all. Once he has seen them he does not eat or sleep but only runs around the house from window to window looking for them in an excited state. It takes him and me 24 hours to get over it. If I see them before he does, I go out and run them off.

Scooby is telling me the deer out here have to go!
Deer eating plums
Opie sleeping
OPIE sleeping and cooling off under the fan is not bothered!
Scooby Zeke
Scooby and Zeke: Hope they don’t try to come inside!
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Scooby sweater

Scooby fashion: New sweater

Scooby got a new sweater with a snowman on it at Christmas past. He is modelling it for you today. It is not like one of those “ugly” Christmas sweaters. He only has it on in the house a few minutes so he does not get overheated. Scooby is my only short-hair cat. He is very good with clothing–but not so good with deer. We have had several deer visits over the holidays, and it makes him a very nervous boy. I wish he could get over it, or the deer would go somewhere else! Anyway, here he is in the new sweater.

Scooby cat
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Deer problem continued (2)

This post is about Scooby and the deer again.

Yesterday, described in the last post, Scooby saw the deer again. All day long he ran around the house from window to window. He would climb all over everything, knocking things down. He would pee in the house. He would not eat or sleep, until about 7 pm when he was tired out. Then he ate and fell asleep on the rug. Earlier, after reading some comments, I sprayed Feliway, which I forgot I had, all over the house. I tried using it before to calm him but it had little effect. I will try again today.

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Deer problems return

I had been spending a lot of time chasing the deer out of the backyard. It is the same animal family. I recognize them. The problem is not that they do anything bad out there, but that Scooby is terrified of them and is crazy for the next 24 hours. They have not been back for a while. Unfortunately he saw them before me, and crazy day begins. Here is a photo of three cats at the top of the stair looking down at a window with a deer view. Here is also a photo of the deer–again. It is 20 degrees C outside, and I decided to see if Scooby can “man up” and I shall not chase them away. He needs to get used to them. I shall see how it goes. A snowstorm is supposed to blow in tonight but we shall see.

three cats

Watching from above–Zeke Scooby Marigold. Opie watching from another window.


The usual suspects

zeke deer catio

Catio cats and deer

I am certain that the deer and other animals visit more often than I actually see them. Zeke seems to spend the most time out in the catio these days. We start out today with Scooby and Zeke in the catio. They spot a deer in the woods. When the deer approaches, Scooby runs inside and hides under the bed! Zeke stays where he is at. I am certain he has seen the deer frequently. Zeke has no fear of the deer.  The deer looks like the one I took photos of last time. Zeke stayed outside the entire afternoon, while Scooby ran around like his tail was on fire here and there. Finally he calmed down.

scooby catio deer

Scooby spots the deer in the trees

MORE cat and deer photos follow:
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