“Here, Kitty, Kitty!” game review

This post reviews the board game “Here, Kitty, Kitty!” Scooby is sick again with something mysterious, and is taking antibiotics. We will give him a break today with this game review. Hopefully he will be appearing again soon.


The game is a cat collecting game. The premise is that the neighborhood is overrun with cats. Everyone wants to save and adopt as many of the neighborhood cats as possible. Using a deck of 51 special cards which is supplied, you can accumulate cats, move cats from one place to another, and even steal cats from your neighbors, or gain other cat benefits!

The game is designed for three to six players aged 10 and up. I think you could knock a few years off this suggestion. Kids are pretty smart these days. You can play the game with two players. I played a two player game, and set up a “dummy” third player, whose turn we alternately played when it came his turn. Playing time is listed at 30 minutes, which is correct once you learn how to play it. What do you get? The game comes with the rulebook which is easy to follow; 6 different property cards; 51 game cards, and 40 plastic cats in four colors–10 each in white, black, grey, and orange. The cats stand on their feet. Small children should not touch this game due to the small cat choking hazard risk. Below is a photo of early game play.

Here kitty kitty game

Early in the game

The neighborhood cats are all free in the neighborhood in front of the property cards. The goal is to gain points by moving cats from the neighborhood onto your property which is divided into three areas. The yard is worth 0 points, the porch is worth 3 points, and the house is worth 5 points per cat. You can use your turns to move a cat one move into your yard, or from your yard to your porch, or from your porch to your house. You also get to play the playing cards you have drawn as well, which contain many different cat movement actions and benefits. For example, the “alarm system” card prevents the “cat burglar” card from allowing a player to steal one of your cats. “2-for-1 adoption event” card lets you move two cats from the neighborhood directly into your house. The “cat fight” card causes one player of your choice to move two cats from their yard, with 1 going to each of their neighbors yards. The “fireworks” card causes all players to move 2 cats from their own property to the neighborhood in the center. You should get the idea by now.

The game is over after the last card is drawn. Points are given for cats on the porch(3) or in the house(5). Extra points are given for having different combinations of cats based upon their color as well. Below is a photo of the completed game. The winner was the hand at the bottom of the picture. The “dummy” hand was at the top of the photo and finished 3rd, as he had no strategy to win, but simply played cards randomly to keep the game moving and unpredictable.

hello kitty kitty game

end of the game

I think this is a very good game in all respects. I received nothing for writing this.  The game is new and manufactured by “Fireside Games” which can be found at Fireside Games 

zeke seal of approval



  1. This sounds like a fun game to have. We love board games and have quite a collection. I am so sorry to hear about Scooby, hope he is well again very soon. I very much dislike when they’re sick I feel like I just can’t help them! But getting down and hanging near them lets them know we care. Purraying for a speedy recovery Scooby!


  2. Oh neat! I’m always looking for game ideas for gifts, and this one looks fun (and educational for kids too, to learn about feral cats).

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