Vintage cat food mat / MT Rainier in a hat / Guest cats / Opie / Colouring the Past (cats!)

This post is about an unusual vintage cat food mat, Mt. Rainier, some guest cats, Opie and her new toy from the tooth fairy, and an interesting blog called “Colouring the Past” featuring some cats.

Cat Mat

I used this mat almost 20 years ago, I reckon. I was looking for photos of cats eating at the time, but those were few and I did not see the mat. It surfaced the other day when I was cleaning out cabinets. I was surprised and remembered it instantly. What I notice about it of course is the cup of hot chocolate the cat has! Today we all know chocolate is bad, and would not conceive of drawing a cat with chocolate. At any rate, I am using it again, at least for a while. When Zeke first saw it on the floor, he creeped up to it and slowly extended his paw to touch it, in order to see if it moved, I guess. As usual, no camera handy.

cat food mat

cat food mat

Mt. Rainier

Mt Rainier clouds

MT. Rainier in a cloud hat

The melting glacier water evaporated in the hot sun, and cooled higher up the mountain to form clouds.  The mountain is 14,411 ft (4,392 m) high.

Cat Friends

I went on a visit and met some new cats who have never been on the internet, so I decided to post them here.  Orangie is a big cat who occupies a basement by choice.  He has a nice view out the basement window as you can see.  Cindy Lou, with ears laid back, does not like people at all, but loves her cat brothers and sisters.  She is an indoor cat like Orangie.  The last indoor cat is Three Legged Charlie.  He lives with Cindy Lou.  He gets around quite well with one missing rear leg which was amputated because of an accident.

Orangie cat


Cindy Lou cat

Cindy Lou

Charlie cat

3 Legged Charlie




Opie licking toy

Opie and new toy from the Tooth Fairy

Colouring the Past

Finally, if you have old black and white family photographs, and wonder what they would look like in color, I invite you to visit Colouring the Past.  Val Erde is a photo-colorist who works in the U.K.  My link will take you to some before and after photos featuring cats! The cats featured look strangely familiar!  The transformation of the old photographs to color is amazing.  For a fee she will colorize yours.  Detailed information is on her website.  Colouring the Past

Do the cats in Val’s photographs remind you of any cats you know?  Check out their eyes!

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  1. The cat mat reminds me of an image you’d see as a child’s birthday card.
    Thanks for sharing the three new cats. Our three-legged cat, Sammi, got around just fine.
    I took a quick look at the photo coloring/restoration site. That’s interesting and I’m sure a lot of people would love to have old photos color corrected.

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  2. Gosh I wish I still had the cat mat I had 15 years ago it was exactly the same as yours.I really like the way you have made the photo off Opie move love it.Interesting post all around.x🐾🐾🐾🐾😸😻💕

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    1. Amazing you had the same mat! They must have made a lot of them! I have more “animated GIFs” to share in future. Hopefully no one has had a “seizure” watching it flash! After one day the post is the fourth most popular this year. I can never predict. It will run a while before the next one.

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  3. That gif of Opie is so cute 🙂 And all your friend’s cats are cuties too. Cool mat too!
    I like the vintage look photos, but I prefer modern color.

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    1. Someday there will be an “app” where you just push a button and “voila”, a grey photo becomes a color photo! It will be a while yet! What Val does is the best you are going to get at the moment.


  4. Cute gif. As fur da cats in da fotos, are we s’posed to know them? We’re glad da kitties are safe inside even tho’ they might not be fans of humans. big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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  5. I once had a cat named Scamper who looked just like Orangie! His best friend was our Shetland Sheepdog, whose “official” pedigree name was Scamper’s Pal Skippy! Such cute kitties, all of them!

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  6. guyz….total lee awesum post two day; we N joyed see in de mat, de mountin, wavez two ewe orangie, cindy lou, charlie & opie, N we will head over two Val’s and chex out her site; it soundz awesum !! 🙂 ♥♥

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  7. Lovely cats in this post, Greg. (I’m astonished that the fringeing in the cushion that Orangie is on, haven’t all come apart!) And thanks for the mention and link.

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