zeke cat autumn

Tenting tonight. Tenting tonight.

♬ Tenting tonight.  Tenting tonight.  Tenting on the old Camp Ground.

Marigold cat tent


Opie tent




Zeke cat tree

Zeke: Where is my tent?

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Sophisticat or Chupacabra

Is Miss Opie a Sophisticat or Chupacabra? You decide. We went down this road with Marigold a while back. Opie doesn’t like the brush, so she got matted, and finally I had to take drastic action by taking her to the groomer. She was pleased it was not the veterinarian, I think. Her tail looks like a cat toy, and the two boys Scooby and Zeke are attracted to it when she waves her tail around. I had a pill for “relaxation” for her so she would be manageable.

pet groomer

Pet Groomer. Cats enter left-dogs enter right.

Opie cat eating

Sophisticat or Chupacabra?

Opie cat

Miss Opie


Opie a little blurry-must be the tranquilizer!

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Opie Scooby


The drama is that Opie stays far away from Scooby who likes to chase her.  She gets enraged!  Here she is unaware that her nemesis is right behind her, ready to pounce!  We will also join in today Comedy-Plus Blog Hop

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Opie Scooby

Opie and Scooby  “He’s behind me, isn’t he?”

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Reporting: Monday Morning Murder! UPDATED

Zeke Opie cats catio

On the lookout in the catio with Zeke (left) and sister Opie (right)

Reporting:  Monday Morning Murder is about the serial cat killer operating in the area.  This morning Harley, a 20 year old deaf cat was the 7th victim.  There is a $6000 reward for information leading to the capture of the individual.

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