Opie and tree removal

This post is a mixture of various subjects including tree-felling, naps, and a new cat cafe

My next door neighbor was concerned about some of my pine trees hanging over his property, or leaning dangerously toward his property. I decided to get the tree cutters out to take care of the problem. The catio was closed. Opie decided to take up position in an upstairs window and supervise the job.

Opiein window tree eEverything went very well.  Nice work, Opie!  Next it was time for some grooming and a lap nap.

opie bw

I am going to lick my back fur.  You have to be fast to photograph my tongue.  Too late!

Opie lapcat BW ec

Is the following photograph another picture of a ghost cat?

Ghost cat?

Ghost cat?

Sorry, Opie.  This looks like sunlight coming through the front window.  We do not get much sunlight this time of year.  One could be easily fooled!

FOOTNOTE 1: As an improperly placed footnote, I have updated the “MY CATS” page with some additional photographs.

email size


Seattle cat cafe?  I saw this story on television once but could not find anything else out about it.  Someone is saving money and getting permits to open a cat cafe somewhere in the Seattle metropolitan area.  All of the cats used will be up for adoption.  It is hoping to open in the summer of 2015.  It will be the first one of its kind in the state.  Wish I knew more.  I will keep following this story.