Winter Tales II / Hello Kitty hat

Today we shall view an old German winter scene, and a photo of my cat in a hat!

It was one year ago that I showed a woman using an ice-skate running frame. This print comes from my vintage German Annual of “Die Gartenlaube” (Garden Arbor) magazine for 1868. 

The picture depicts a lady riding on an ice sled, who is going to church.  She is traveling over one of the “Oberbayerische Seen” or upper Bavarian lakes.  Note the spikes on the end of the poles the man is using, to propel the sled along. In the background, see a man propelling himself along the ice, standing on a sled, like a gondolier in Venice, if the canals were frozen over! People in the Northeast might want to build a few of these.

SnowSled 1868 Gartenlaube 1 BW

Below, Zeke is keeping warm wearing his Hello Kitty hat, and sitting upon his wolf blanket.

ZekeHelloKitty 550



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