Black Cat Prowl

black halloween cat

Giant Black Halloween Cat in neighborhood

Black Cat Prowl

My fur is black.
My eyes are green.
I prowl outside at night unseen,
On silent paws outside the house
Looking for a juicy mouse!

I see a headlight up the road,
And cross the short grass newly mowed
To crouch beneath a blooming rose
And flex the claws between my toes.

My pupils narrow to a slit
Because the garden’s briefly lit
By auto headlights passing by.
I stop to lick my paws and sigh.

My whiskers give a little twitch.
I rush along the nearby ditch!
I’m hungry now; I must go back
And have a little midnight snack

From the food bowl on the floor
Filled with kibbles from the store
Inside the cat-flap near the door.
I’m home and couldn’t ask for more!

© Feline Café original poem


  1. I’ve kinda wanted one of those inflatable cats, but our yard is rather small. Maybe someday when one goes on clearance. Love the poem that accompanied it.


  2. Great poem. I don’t usually like those big decorations that need to be on all the time to stay inflated, but I really like the cat one 🙂


      1. I’ve never actually chosen a black cat….I’ve never actually chosen any cat…they seem to chose me.
        It’s been a while since I’ve had a black one…even his whiskers and paw pads are black. As you’ve seen in his pictures he has a tiny white bib but otherwise all black.
        Now that I think of it my last black cat was when I was a child, his name was “Inky” and we had his brother Tommie but he was my sister’s cat. Inky was mine. He’s the first one I remember but I’ve been told there was a tiger cat named Peggy that used to ride in the bassinet with me. Yup, always a cat person….with a few dogs thrown in for good measure. Oh, and once had a guinea pig when I lived in a place where I couldn’t have a cat because the landlady was allergic.


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