National Cat Day USA 2015

It is National Cat Day USA again!  Seems like I just did a post on this!  I searched this blog and found it has been an entire year gone by!  Presents came in the mail yesterday.  We received several catnip bananas or nip nanas or nip naners, if you will.  I have seen these bananas on other cat blogs, and finally decided to get some. We also got some new collars.  Later today we shall see if Scooby objects to a new collar with his new county pet license tag.  He also got a personalized tag as well.  Other cats got new ones as well, so this afternoon we shall put them all on.  Zeke went to the vet early and got a perfect bill of health; while Opie went for a dental clean and hair mat removal.  She will be picked up later this afternoon.  Hopefully all will go well.  She has the worst teeth!

At any rate, here is Scooby enjoying his nip nana.  It may be his first!

Scooby and catnip banana

Scooby and catnip banana

Scooby and nip nana

Scooby the cat nip nana

This is MY nip nana!

Scooby the cat and nip nana

Scooby loves his nip nana!


  1. That is sooo sweet- he loves that nip nana. I have never seen a cat not like them. If Opie had any teeth removed let me know and I will send some crocheted catnip toys- I like to be the tooth fairy of the cat blogosphere.

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  2. Happy National Cat Day to you and yours.
    I lucked out on my weekly trip to PetSmart and got a free “dish” of Diavolo’s favorite food…Muse by Purina. If you haven’t seen it when you pull the top off the little dish it looks good enough to eat….for people. Diavolo adores it. Of course he does….it’s $1.49 for one serving! But I have had coupons for buy two get two free that were good for all of October so have been going once a week (13 mile RT) and getting 16 portions because I can use 4 coupons at a time. So Muse has been stocked up and he only gets it for dinner. Other times he has to be happy with Friskies wet or crunch.
    Maybe if I do some advertising for Muse they’ll give me more for free. I know…in my dreams.
    Love Scooby and his Nana!

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    1. I had to go out to the Pantry to see if I had any Muse left–sorry, no. I tried that food on my bunch and they would not eat it–at least the majority would not eat it. That is the trick–to buy one food that Everyone will eat! Muse failed for me which does not reflect upon the product but on the palates of my cats. So far, some Fancy Feast flavors go down well with all. On the higher quality and price side, “Freedom” indoor grain free canned food goes down well with everyone. They have that at Petsmart. I agree that some of those cats foods look good enough to eat. They probably need some spicing up however.


      1. Yes, some spices would probably enhance the flavor for human consumption.
        Diavolo likes some of the Fancy Feast also. I bought a couple of trays of Muse several months ago and in the nearly a year that Diavolo has been with me I’ve never seen the plate that clean. So as long as I can get it on sale (I just signed up at their website for promotions) he can have it once a day….then it’s back to once a week on the day the landscape crew comes (he is deathly afraid of those guys and their noisy machines and spends hours under the bed) as a treat.
        It’s been real trial and error to find what he will eat now that he has me wound around his not so little paw and knows he can put his nose in the air and walk away. I really get tired of putting cat food in the garbage when I know there are so many hungry ones out there. (luckily not at my complex anymore…they all have homes and are well fed). We’ll have to check out Freedom on the next trip to PetSmart.

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        1. They have the small cans as well as the 3 1/2 oz. Freedoms. Just buy one!! We like the Purple or violet can. Fortunately some cat here will probably eat what the others won’t so I don’t throw much away. Dry bags of food I had to dispose of if it made any cat vomit. “Simply Nourish Source Grain Free Hi Protein” assorted flavors is eaten by all 4 with good gastric results. It is not a bargain brand unfortunately.

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