Scooby settling in

Time for another Scooby update. So far so good. Food envy is declining. Zeke and Scooby play together. His bad habits are in the kitchen climbing on counter-tops and the range. He must be locked away while cooking. There are two entries into the kitchen without doors. He began spraying in the house. Took him to the vet and he had a urinary tract infection, which is being treated with drugs. I hope that fixes the problem. He is very good-natured.  We need to work on some cat interpersonal relationships still–especially Scooby and Opie. 

cat at window

Scooby at the window

cat in bag

Scooby in a paper bag

2 cats

Scooby and Zeke

Scooby in refrigerator

Scooby knows where the ham is!

cat in penthouse

Scooby in the penthouse

Marigold Scooby Zeke

Marigold Scooby and Zeke



  1. Da drücke ich doch auch mal die Daumen dass die Medizin hilft und es mit dem Sprayen ein Ende hat.

    Ein absolut niedlicher Kerle und du hast klasse Fotos gemacht.

    Herzliche Grüsse



  2. Scooby is very cute. I am surprised he was spraying, very smart of you to take him to the vets. Have you tried Feliway or something like that to keep everyone calm? He may be having some stress just from being in a new place with new kitties.

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  3. Scooby is actually commenting on that very bare refrigerator. And I’m guessing he’s not a fan of the mushrooms.
    Glad he is settling in.
    I’ve never had a cat jump on the stove. I hope you get that issue resolved. He was making himself comfortable on the table in a previous post.

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