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Another Day in the Life

Another Day in the Life is another post consisting of random photos of my three cats doing various random activities during the day.

Scooby by fireplace
Scooby by fireplace
Opie and Zeke by fireplace in winter
Opie and Zeke by fireplace in Winter
Zeke and cat bed pillow
Zeke and cat bed pillow
Zeke hiding
Zeke hiding
Scooby in carrier
Scooby back from the vet after a blood draw from his leg. He’s OK.
Scooby and Zeke
Scooby and Zeke. Better get out of there!
Scooby in the tunnel
Scooby in the tunnel
Zeke in bath
Zeke says he is just passing through. No bath for him!
Zeke Scooby sleeping
Zeke and Scooby tired after wrestling in the wrapping paper
Scooby booties
Scooby not interested in his Christmas booties
Zeke on bed
Zeke relaxing in the bedroom in the afternoon
Zeke and toys
Zeke assembling his toy collection
Greg, Scooby, and Opie
Greg watching television, Scooby, and Opie
Zeke on sofa
Zeke the couch potato watching television


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Happy Birthday Opie

Opie’s 11th Birthday at Home

Opie’s 11th Birthday at Home is just that–a post about Opie. It is the 11th trip around on the trolley. The two boys get most of the publicity around here, so Today we celebrate Opie Day as it is her 11th birthday, but Scooby somehow refuses to stay out of the picture. Oh, well. Scooby loves Opie, but the feeling is not mutual. She has got her own “Fortress of Solitude” which is a sleeping bag draped over a wooden chair. Food is regularly delivered there. It had to be upgraded because Scooby kept hanging around peeping in. Photos inside the fortress are prohibited. Opie was brought to me as a kitten–an offspring of two feral cats. Here are a few photos of MISS Opie around the house.

Opie in catio
One year old Opie
Opie and Cheetah
Getting a grooming from Cheetah!
Opie and Cheetah
Opie on cat tree
Opie on cat tree
Scooby and Opie
Scooby bothering Opie in her old hideout
Scooby and Opie
Scooby says he is not doing anything!
Opie’s new Fortress of Solitude
Opie and Scooby
Opie in her tent won from Memories of Eric and Flynn some time back, while Scooby lurks outside like a sphinx!
Opie cat
Opie on Scooby Alert
Opie fireplace
Opie by the fireplace back in January
Opie and Scooby outside
Opie and Scooby outside together
Opie outside 2
Opie outside
Opie Outside
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Scooby at Home

Scooby at home is the subject of this short post. We are all self-isolated at home. We can walk about our property for exercise safely, and Scooby has been getting a lot of it. Zeke the Editor says to everyone to stay safe. There is plenty of grass for all. You just have to know where to look!

Scooby’s nose is a sun-catcher
Scooby zeke catio
Scooby muscling in on Zeke’s grass!
Scooby cemetery cats
Scooby visiting Marigold in the cat cemetery
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