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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday with Zeke and Marigold

Zeke Marigold cats

Zeke and Marigold


You Cannot Hide from the EU’s GDPR

You cannot hide from the EU’s GDPR!  Nice try Zeke, but not good enough!  But we live in America, and not in the EU.  Shocker: It doesn’t matter!  Then I will just close the top! If you connect with a EU member, then he is protected by the rules, and regardless of being based in America, you are required to follow them.  There are stiff penalties for non-compliance, and yes, the EU can come after you in the USA for their euros!  Or should I say, YOUR euros!

What is it?  Before I go on let me say it would take a team of specialized lawyers to figure out what it is about by the way it is written.  Since I am not one of those, or even close, I can not vouch for the accuracy of what I write today.  Maybe my European friends may be able to shed some light on this.  Anyway, the point of it is to give individuals control over their data on the internet, and the right to know who is using it, what for, and the right to have it all removed, i.e. the right to privacy.  Sounds good in theory.  But I am running a low traffic cat blog on WordPress, so what do I care?

I will get to that reason why I care in a moment.  I noticed some of my German blogger friends talking about the GDPR and changing their blogs.  One lady quit blogging altogether “with tears in her eyes” she said, I paraphrase.  Another turned her blog “Private”.  Others turned off their “likes” and “comments”.  Others also removed all gadgets and widgets with links to other people, like “Blogs I follow” , or ‘Posts I like’ , leaving a clean, bare bones looking blog theme.  This is what got me interested into digging into this.

Once again, what is the problem with my low traffic “American” hobby blog?  The big problem is requiring email addresses to make comments on WordPress.  Collecting email addresses leads to being able to identify the person commenting.  I am talking here only about the email addresses of EU commenters and not Americans.  I don’t know where these email addresses go or are stored?  Or what WordPress does with them.  It is a privacy thing I can see.  Here is another big problem.  What if your European follower comes to you and says he wants all his public comments removed from your blog? It is his right under the GDPR.  What if he says, he also wants all his “Likes” removed from your blog?  You must comply according to the GDPR.  Imagine trying to find them all and delete them!  This is the reason some of my German friends have closed comments and disabled likes.  That is the easy way to comply.  The fun of interaction between bloggers is destroyed by doing this.

Additionally, a large disclaimer is required on your blog as well.  Just as an exercise, I have copied some data from various places and put it on my “Disclaimer” page just to give you an idea.  Some is broken English.  It is far from comprehensive.  Maybe a “Europeans Prohibited” sign?!

Help is on the way for WordPressers.  Their tech and legal wizards will very shortly be coming out with “something” new for us to put on our blogs to help us with compliance, but I don’t see how everything could be addressed.  It better come out fast, because we got less than two weeks to become compliant.  I will mention it as soon as I see it.

Like I said at the beginning, I may be wrong.  I hope I am, but I think I am not too far off the mark.

Zeke in box

You cannot hide from the GDPR



This post is about the two pals.

When I got Zeke, he had two big male pals to play with.  One was Verty a big tabbly like Scooby.  The other was Peep who was a big Maine Coon.  In 2010 Verty died, and then in 2013 Peep died, so Zeke had no males to play with until October of 2015, when I adopted Scooby.  I believed a big tabby cat would be right as a playmate for Zeke.  I prefered to remain at a 3 cat household, but Zeke needed someone to play with, and the two girls were not interested, so Scooby came home.  They prefer each others company, as is shown today in a few photographs.

Zeke Scooby

Checking out the street

Zeke Scooby fighting

Kung fu fighting!

Scooby Zeke

Me and my shadow

Scooby Zeke

A nip nana rest

Scooby bites Zeke

Bite my ear! I don’t mind!

Scooby Zeke on cat tree

I’ve grown accustomed to your face

Scooby Zeke in catio

Chillaxing together in the catio

Zeke Scooby sleeping

Tuckered out



Zeke grooming paw

Monday Morning again

Once again Monday morning.  Even though none of us go to work, there is definitely a difference in the mood between Sunday and Monday.  I don’t know why that is.  Perhaps we are suffering from visits by the “Ghost of Mondays Past” while we were sleeping Sunday night!  Even we cats feel a change in the air on Mondays.  It seems we must all get up early and get going doing something!  What that something is is not always clear.  Zeke has decided that attending to his paw at first light is a prudent activity to begin the day, and then a bit of reading to improve his mind. Need to lick the paw to turn the pages easily.  If I had any, I think I would attend to my paws as well.  For me, Greg, it is the same old story–black coffee, traffic and weather, and then see what unfolds. . . .  How about you?

Zeke grooming paw