Zeke cat in hat

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Zeke cat in hat


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anderson island ferry

Break Ends tonight

Break ends tonight!  Wasn’t much of a break if you ask me, says Zeke.  Who authorized this break anyway? This is about as far as I got on the break, says Zeke.  Scooby will be posted at Midnight PST.

zeke catio

What Break? I didn’t hear anything about a break!  What do you mean it’s over?

Happy Birthday Zeke (9)!

Happy Birthday Zeke (9)!  I thought I was on a break, but things keep popping up!  (Something else is popping up soon!) Zeke and  Opie are the same age.  This I know.  Then why is Opie 8 and Zeke 9?  Well, I went back to the original paperwork, counted on my fingers 3 times, and Opie is 9 as well.  I have been off one year, and I don’t want to admit for how many years I have been wrong!  I told YOU I needed a BREAK!  Let’s get this post done so I can get back to it.

Scooby has been riding the streetcar above for a few years now, and Zeke wanted a ride so here he is in the “featured photo”.  The guy on the bike never seems to catch up.

Happy Birthday Zeke on streetcar

Happy Birthday Zeke

Zeke cat on bed

It’s my birthday! Wake up get out of bed!

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