Scooby’s walk on the wild side

I found an old cat harness for use in walking cats outdoors. I decided to try it on Scooby. It was a bit tight, but it worked. Oddly, Scooby was very still and purring when it was being put on. He did not fight at all. This made me very suspicious that he may have been in harness before. Going outside my suspicions were confirmed. He was very good about walking about in his new harness. He enjoyed himself immensely outdoors. I bought a larger harness. It is for a small dog and pink with a dog paw on front. It is OK because Scooby thinks he is a dog who solves mysteries. He goes out on his walk on the wild side in the back yard every sunny morning now. Some photos follow:


MANY more photos follow:

scooby on bench

Scooby on logScooby on log

Scooby on woodpile

Scooby woodpile

Scooby on woodpile

Scooby scratching tree

Scooby on Verty trail

Scooby outdoors

Scooby cat outdoors

Scooby cat outdoors



  1. What fun!! Love the photos! I used to take my first cat, Max, out on walks. He loved it – we would spend hours poking along exploring everything several times. Then later, Theo enjoyed walks as well, but when Oliver came along, Theo was required to stay inside, Oliver wasn’t sharing his yard with no wussy-indoor cat!

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      1. I’ve been away from bloggerville for a bit – just noticed you got the domain name! nice! I guess that means you are committed!

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  2. Great Scooby was already used to harness.Bet he enjoys the new smells and surrounding areas.looks like he was thinking off climbing the tree in one photo.Great photos lovely to see him outside enjoying himself after all he has been through.

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  3. Great pictures. Amazing how we can find out about our rescue pet’s past lives.
    Someone trained my Diavolo very well….he knows how to “high five” and he does not jump up on tables or counters….in fact he didn’t come up on my chair or the bed without permission first when he moved in with me. Now he knows it’s okay to get up on my lap or join me on the bed.

    Have fun on your walks Scooby. I’m sure the others are jealous.

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