Greg Scooby

Walking the “dog”, I mean CAT!

Greg went out again walking the “dog”, I mean CAT!

Greg Scooby catio

Can’t get away from the catio, but it is better on the outside than the inside!

Scooby leash

Scooby outside again


Cat Tunnel

This post is about the Twinkle Chute cat tunnel.

Our cat tunnel is so old I do not remember when I purchased or where.  It has LED lights which were motion activated, but they long since stopped functioning.  That is not a problem.  The cats still like to play inside it.  Jumping in and out of the middle hole is common practice.  Today we see Scooby checking it out.

scooby cat tunnel

Scooby at the entrance

cat tunnel

What is going on in there?

Scooby in tunnel

Here I am!