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Float like a Butterfly . . .

Float like a butterfly; sting like a bee! That was some old boxing advice! Here at Christmas, Zeke got to try his paws at boxing a real butterfly sort of. The butterfly has turned out to be the most desireable plaything in the house. Scooby loves it as well. Here Scooby is the referee. Zeke has a great right jab!

Zeke the cat boxing a butterfly
Zeke boxing the butterfly at Christmas
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Watchful Eyes

Scooby is tired out and seeming crashed out by all the cat toys on the floor. He is not asleep like he appears. He is keeping an eye out on the toys and OPIE just in case. He should not be greedy as there is a nip nana for every cat if they want to have a party. Opie is hesitant however. Sleep could change into a run and chase at a moment’s notice!

Scooby sleeping toys
Scooby enjoys a nice nap watching over the toys
Opie and toys
Opie wants to play with the toys
Scooby cat
Scooby sees you OPIE looking at the toys!
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First Photo of 2020

This is the first photo of 2020 taken with my old Kodak Easyshare camera. This should have been the first monthly post but I seem to keep pushing it back further and further! As the Christmas wrapping got shredded, I removed the small pieces, leaving only the larger ones to play in. I think Zeke is disappointed there is no longer room for two!

Zeke Scooby Christmas paper
Scooby and Zeke watch with glowing eyes the wrapping paper diminishing in this first photo of 2020

Since we have the first photo of the year, I decided to throw in the last photo of 2019! This happens to be Zeke in the Catio.

Zeke in the catio
Zeke in the catio in his usual spot watching the woods
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Snow cats

Snow cats today shows Zeke and Scooby in the snow. The snow had just begun to fall, so they were not much bothered by it. Scooby did not mind having cold paws–at least for a little while he was good with it. Then he went to the back door and meowed to come inside. Zeke was just “chilling” literally in the catio. He eventually came in when Scooby came inside. Next week is going to be bitter cold. I suspect we all will stay inside by the fire.

Zeke catio snow
Where is Scooby? It’s snowing outside!
Zeke Scooby catio snow
Hey, Zeke, I am over here, buddy! This is cold on the paws!
Zeke Scooby catio snow
Don’t have time to chat now! Got places to go! Need to get to the back door and go inside!
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