Calendar Cat July 2018 / Breaking Personal News–LOVE!

Scooby is the Calendar Cat for July 2018.  The Calendar received late last year was made by and sent as a gift by Christine and Spike
Thanks again Christine! She sends me them every year. The rhododendrons bloomed in the spring and are flowerless now; and, of course the photo is from 2017!

Scooby July Calendar Cat

Scooby July Calendar Cat

Breaking Personal News!

Christine asked me to write this post today. The breaking news story today is the story of Greg and Christine and how they found love.

In the 1980’s I was stationed for a number of years in the US Air Force in the UK in East Anglia. I spent a month on assignment in Scotland. Flash forward–About nine years ago I started a blog called “GW’s Cat Corner”. It was my first attempt at blogging. Christine, who lives in Scotland, also began a blog about her cat Spike. By accident (if you believe in accidents) we each became the first follower on each other’s blogs. Christine was more clever at the blogging technicalities than I so she helped me catch up. We became friends. We talked blogs and cats.

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Scooby and cat toys

Scooby and cat toys.

Scooby cat toys

I see some catnip dynamite and a catnip carrot in there!

scooby cat cat toys

Scooby facing fireplace

Scooby cat

These are all mine!

Not done any outdoor leash walking with Scooby.  Been pretty warm for me, Greg.  Staying in and amusing ourselves was the order of the day from Zeke Editor in Chief who made us blog-post nearly every day this week.   Zeke can be quite a task master!  Scooby on the other hand was examining his toy collection.  He thinks some of them are missing!   Misplaced more likely.  Have a good weekend everybody!

Polar Bear Thermometer

Earlier this week–Global Warming

Scooby cat toys

Out of the Bag!

Monday is over so Scooby is Out of the Bag! He thought it best to hide most of Monday.  That was a smart thing as it was 90 degrees, and our house sits open  out in the sun and we have no air conditioning.   Greg is a bit ill today but nothing serious, so that is why we have a new post today.  He went out and stupidly got a touch of heatstroke.  Fortunately the buzzards didn’t get him.

Tuesday is shaping up to be a fine sunny day.  Scooby is showing off his reserve cat toy stash.  Lots of very old ones in the old Easter basket. There seem to be cat toys strewn about every room on the floor with an average spacing of no more than three feet apart.  In the morning, they all appear in different places!  So have a good week as the worst day is past us I hope for all!

Scooby cat toys

My reserve toy stash!

Today we play Comedy Plus Tuesday Fun