Monday’s ennui

Normal on a Monday is a slow start.  Speaking of slow starts, tomorrow the girls both head to the vet for a bunch of injections in the afternoon.  One problem with cat birthdays is shots cannot be far behind!  Holiday excitement on the weekend–boring when it is over.  There is no middle ground.  The vet is also a drag, so ennui–the word for the day–continues on Tuesday.

Yesterday I took this snap.  The weather looks the same today.  It will look the same tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that. . . .  If ennui was weather, then this would be it.  We rarely get lost here.  Mt Rainier is to the southeast–a steadfast compass point.  I shall try to visit some blogs today.

mt rainier washington

Mt Rainier Washington

Scooby bed

Scooby the Lion King–not in a hurry to get out of bed!



  1. What a stunning view of Mt. Rainier! That is some good orientation point for sure! I would love a view like that from where I am. I live at about the south-east end of the Alps. Graz is bordered in the north and west by lower foothills belonging to the Alps. Behind those hills and mountains, there’s mountain ridge after mountain ridge, all gradually increasing in height.

    That kitty bed is really nice! Scooby really looks quite sleepy, and absolutely adorable!

    Your cats are just so sweet! Murli and I wish you and the cats a wonderful day!😺

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    1. I see the mountain practically every day. I cannot see it from my house because of a neighbor’s trees. Postcards always show it in the sunshine but this is more of a reality! That cat bed must be at least 8 years old. It may have been a dog bed–I cannot remember where it came from. It washes up nicely. Thanks for your visits and comments!

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      1. That’s usually the case with postcards from Austrias mountains too. But they can almost vanish in fog. And especially in winter, that fog up there can last for days without dissipating.

        I like the views of mountains in every kind of weather☺️
        Thank you as well for your lovely comments and for visiting! I really appreciate it a lot! Hope you had a wonderful weekend so far!

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  2. Now dat’s a really cool bed. We wouldn’t be in any hurry to get outta it either. ‘Specialy ifin da VET was on da menu. MOL We’re sendin’ purrayers and hugs. And Raena says, nopawdy told her anythin’ ’bout da VET and birthdays comin’ close together. She is not a happy kitty. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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    1. Scooby might like to put on his harness and go for a walk up the mountain, but he told me he does not like the snow on his feet–it is too cold! So he will lie out in the catio for an afternoon snooze, with birdchips putting him to sleep. Thanks for stopping by.

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  3. Mt Rainier looks forbidding, Scooby looks inviting. We are chilly and rainy today and Scooby has shown us how to deal with it. Curl up in a warm bed and relax. I will write, the cats will snooze..

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    1. Scooby has been up, eaten, and now is having his morning nap. I never think of the mountain, as we call it here, as forbidding, but if it erupted, things would get exciting here pretty fast. Whether I would survive is questionable. Thanks for the comment.

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