Vet Exams Opie & Marigold

Seems like we were just there not long ago, and that is true. I just took them for needed shots and postponed exams as I was in a hurry. Now is exam time. Once again I got the two scheduled together in order to reduce the number of vet visits. Well, to make a short story even shorter, they both needed dental work. Marigold needs a cleaning and Opie had two painful teeth being absorbed that needed to come out as soon as possible. That happened even before I post this. Perhaps a happy mouth will improve her opinion of Scooby. Marigold will be scheduled somewhat in the future as she isn’t too bad, but we don’t want her to get that way. She is 14 and never had her teeth cleaned! Here are a few photos of exam visit.

Scooby looking at cat carrier

What are you doing in there, Opie?

Opie and Marigold face to face in the back seat

2 cat carriers

Face to face in the waiting room

Marigold hiding

Marigold hiding

Marigold scale

Marigold getting weighed


All done weighing

cat scale

Sit still Opie and get weighed

Opie scale

I don’t like this one bit!

Opie on table Waiting for the vet

Opie in carrier

Opie jumps into her carrier. She knows it will take her home!

Opie got a quick appointment, had her bad teeth pulled with no problems, and is recovering nicely.  Her mood has improved.

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  1. Dental care is so important.. we never even considered it when I was young, I can’t imagine what kitties back then went through.

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    1. I can report that she had two teeth removed–very painful ones the vet said, and is now much more happy, and playing, and affectionate. Thanks for your comment Connie! I should mention this in a post I think.


  2. Marigold seemed relaxed once she got on the scale.
    I’m glad Opie’s dental work went well. A while back Raven had two teeth pulled. One canine was broken when we adopted her and a little premolar was being resorbed.

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  3. Cats and dogs healthcare is needed and costly just like kids, Greg. My dogs have their teeth cleaned every year and bad teeth are pulled at that time. Glad Opie will be more comfortable now. Christine 🎼

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  4. Glad Opie got her teeth taken care of. I’m sure most of us know what a bad mood a toothache can cause.
    It will be interesting to see if she likes Scooby better now.

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