I was a shelter pet

We interrupt Catio Nights for this important message.

I was a shelter pet says Scooby.  I did not like being in a cage.  I only got one kind of dry kibble to eat.  Kids would poke their fingers through the bars at me.  No one wanted me because I was big, old, and not a cutsy kitten.  Greg wanted a big friendly cat to be a playmate for Zeke, and he picked me! I am glad he did!  I love Zeke, and I love to play with him.  We are great pals.  I like Marigold and Opie too.  I live with them for two years now. You should get yourself a pet from a shelter. You will be glad you did!

Scooby the cat

Scooby the cat

Scooby the cat eating

Scooby crunching his kibbles in shelter Oct 2015



  1. It is very sweet, very few people consider adopting a pet. Luckily here where I am, it is becoming more and more popular with new laws and regulations on buying and selling kittens. Definitely meant to be for you two though, love hearing stories like these x

      1. Yes this is very true. Recently a mosquito virus had been released in order to cull the wild rabbit population here in Australia. Though sadly, many pet bunnies lost their lives too. It is definitely an issue here. As for feral cats, there are now strict laws in place with hefty fines. You are no longer allowed to sell kittens without being micro-chipped and sterilized. As a result, more and more cats and kittens are being adopted from local rescue groups.

  2. Love love love this!! We foster lots of different kitties for a local rescue group as they await their forever homes. It still amazes me how many poor souls end up in the pound through no fault of their own. This beautiful kitty was so lucky to find you! Thank you for rescuing this baby. They all deserve a happy ever after and Scooby has found his with you x

    1. I really was not sure if I wanted him, and left him there for four days after I saw him. I took these photos of him to remember him and think it over. 4 days later I rushed down wondering if he was still there, and he was, so now he is mine! Must have meant to be. I will just post this one comment of yours as you have two the same.

  3. Two paws up, Scooby! Snoops was adopted as an adult cat too. Kommando was left at our house. She tried to jump in the window and fell in the window well (twice). She was only about 4 weeks old. They got here at about the same time. Snoops had recently had kittens and Kommando was really young so Snoops mothered Kommando.

  4. So happy for you Scooby. You have a great home with Greg & “the family of cats.”‘ Sammy (our dog) knows how it was in a “Pet Store.” He was in a cage for 4 1/2 months. No body wanted him. He was a big Shih Tzu and a wild boy. Play biting and running in circles when people visited with him. A total reject. A huge price reduction, practically a give away. He also lost his food through grates in his cage. And he whimpered at night when the lights went off. When we decided to visit with him, he looked at Robert when he picked him up, gave him a kiss and settled down in his lap. That astonished the store employees. He picked us, and he’s our best boy in the whole world today 9 years later! 🌷 Christine

  5. Wow Scooby I’m glad you got adopted from the shelter! I was almost a shelter pet but they wouldn’t take me because I was too small and they couldn’t find my (kitty) mother. So the neighbors were fostering me and then Mom came and brought me home with her! That’s why she named me Foster! 🐱🐼

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