Marigold playing with “Dynamite!”

Today we show some photos of Marigold playing with Dynamite!  Homeland Security need not be alarmed, as the dynamite sticks are filled with catnip!  So far, we have had nip bananas, nip dynamite, nip boomerangs, and a nip carrot!  WE also have some toys that can be refilled with any brand of nip you like.  It is hard to grade these items but the yellow nip boomerang with eyes on it may have a slight edge, for readers who want to know.

Marigold cardboard

I like the cardboard from paper towel rolls. Looking for dynamite!


This is not what I thought it was.

Marigold Dynamite!

This smells like Dynamite!



  1. The red background is so pretty and looks like Christmas. I have hardly ever seen a cat that did not like cat nip but I have several cats that will not touch it. The pics of Marigold are so cute. I see that your cats get everything they need to keep them happy and entertained. You really are a wonderful cat daddy.

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    1. The red reminds me of catsup so come January, it will be gone. But yes, the idea was Christmas. Tinkering with colors is OK but I don’t tinker with the other stuff–bad things can happen! My cat Opie has no interest in catnip. They have many toys to be sure. Thanks for your comment.

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    1. I like Thanksgiving better than Christmas–I don’t have to buy anything or put up decorations! Yeah, we just put a new coat of paint on the Feline Cafe for Christmas. January we’ll whitewash it.


  2. This looks like so much fun for Marigold … we haven’t actually tried catnip with Ultraviolet yet. She really get excited about toy mice so we’ll see what happens with catnip mice!

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      1. That’s so funny. We had two at one time and suddenly, we couldn’t find either of them anywhere. Then we got another and another and so on, and now we have so many, we can’t pawssibly misplace them…right? MOL Big hugs

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Raena

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