Sunday Selfie (Opie)

Opie cat

We could use some new equipment around here!  Didn’t Santa READ my letter?

Greg:  Yeahhhh.  Must have gotten lost in the mail.


Remember this? Be warned!



  1. Freddie likes to rip up the upholstery. Frankie prefers the wood. Between the two of them I’m waiting to see if a chair can completely disappear! Why, oh why, do we put up with this behavior?

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    1. The chair pictured was featured in an old post and it was fixed. It needed a new seat anyway. It is from the 1940’s and I have always used it. I am beyond impressing anyone with my fine set of furniture!


  2. Yes sir, I know very well what our pets can do to furniture- ours and theirs. The sisal rope always goes first and then the cats begin work on the woodwork.

    I had my “sort” of handy helper (son) nail three foot slabs of old cedar fencing on three door frames and on two corner cabinets. Even though my cats have new cat trees with the rope scratcher they prefer the old fencing boards. The boards looks as if someone used a router to make deep indentations on the boards. I must say they have done a remarkable job of carving. 🙂

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    1. Opie and her claws are famous here for tearing things to shreds! She is working on my reclining chair! Need to put rope on my list for next DIY store trip, along with some other househoid things needing repairs. Hope Spike is a good boy and does not claw up your furniture! Or Craig either!

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      1. Spike uses his scratch post always before he goes out. He prefers using the tree outside and Graig uses my butterfly bush.

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