zeke cat autumn

Tenting tonight. Tenting tonight.

♬ Tenting tonight.  Tenting tonight.  Tenting on the old Camp Ground.

Marigold cat tent


Opie tent




Zeke cat tree

Zeke: Where is my tent?

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Scooby and Marigold Flashbacks

Here are a few flashback photos today of Marigold and Scooby together.  I was searching through the photos I had not previously posted and found a few.  Most of them are of these cats sleeping.  Imagine that!  Give me an excuse to use them up today.

marigold scooby sleeping

Marigold and Scooby sleeping

Marigold Scooby sleeping

Marigold left Scooby right sleeping

Scooby Marigold

Sleeping Scooby and Marigold in tent

Scooby Marigold

Scooby and Marigold ignoring each other

scooby marigold

Scooby and Marigold watching Zeke walk past

scooby marigold

Scooby watching Marigold with catnip dynamite

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