What day is it? EVERYDAY!

What day is it? EVERYDAY! X’ing off the days on the calendar has never been more important! I wonder if the cats know the difference? I think they notice the changes in the weather. First we had unseasonable hot weather to suffer through, and then we had wildfire smoke to breathe, and now today the typical Pacific Northwest constant rain falling down cleaning everything. The cats still lie about and try to find something to do but mostly it is sleep.

Opie and toys
Opie and some toys
Scooby catching a few rays
Zeke zonked out!
Scooby in his bug out bag
Watching TV
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Staying Cool

The summer weather has finally arrived here in the Pacific Northwest. It is usually short lived so people don’t bother much wasting money on air conditioning. We tough out the hot days with fans and hiding in the shadows. Today Scooby found a direct line with a fan and is having his nap as the fan sweeps back and forth keeping us all alive another day. (Note: a month ago Scooby had a large harmless tumour removed from the base of his tail. The tail hair has not all grown back yet. He is fine. ) NEXT post Saturday 1 August.

Scooby in front of fan
Trying to stay cool
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