The Four Cats

Hard to get them together, but here are The Four Cats apart!

Scooby microwave

Just trying to beat the heat! (Scooby)

Zeke eating

Opie forgot to finish off her plate of trout! I love trout! (Zeke)


I am glad you brought me back home. (Marigold)

Opie cat on stairs

Watch where you step! (Miss Opie)

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Reporting: Monday Morning Murder!

Zeke Opie cats catio

On the lookout in the catio with Zeke (left) and sister Opie (right)

Reporting:  Monday Morning Murder is about the serial cat killer operating in the area.  This morning Harley, a 20 year old deaf cat was the 7th victim.  There is a $6000 reward for information leading to the capture of the individual.

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Scooby’s Relieved

Scooby’s Relieved!  The heat is gone.  We are back with highs in the low 70s–all is right with the world.  We barely both pulled through yesterday.  Watched the old zombie film with Brad Pitt ‘World War Z” together.  Scooby wanted to know if cats could be zombies.  Apparently not–at least not in this film.  Stretching out is no longer required.  It is still optional however!

Scooby cat

Scooby the Cat