Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day has come around again!  What do we do on every Valentines Day here?  We show some vintage valentines! Where did they come from?  When my father was young, he saved his holiday cards, and I inherited them.  Valentines are the most numerous followed by Christmas cards.  The numbers trail off for the other holidays.  This year I picked out many of the 3 dimensional cards for viewing.  None of them have been punched out, and I am not going to punch them out either, so you kind of have to use your imagination how they would look or go together.  The cards are from the 1920’s.  Sorry, but there are no cats on any of them,.

vintage valentine

3D valentine card 1927


Vintage 3D valentine 1927

vintage valentine

3D valentine



inside vintage valentines

Inside vintage valentines

vintage valentine

3D 1923

vintage valentine

3D Girl side detachable 1928

vintage valentine


vintage valentine

3D unfolds towards front 1928


3D vintage valentine 1922



  1. Happy Valentine’s Day xxx I love looking at all the old cards I was trying to choose what 1 I like the best but they’re all so nice. Happy Valentine’s too your Feline family.💖😻💜🐾🐾🐾🐾

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