Scooby and the Vacuum Cleaner

Scooby and the vacuum cleaner is about, you guessed it, Scooby and the vacuum cleaner.  I have said this before, but no one believes it, so a 30 second video clip should set the record straight.  And no, he is not deaf!  He is a pest when it is time to vacuum especially when he walks in front ot the vacuum cleaner, and I must avoid sucking up his tail!


  1. Is your cat deaf? (Just checking) Jamima would hear the cord being pulled out and she would find refuge inside the couch. When my carer would proceed to vacuum around the couch she would come out of hiding to return to the bedroom and get I to bed. Anything to avoid the vacuum cleaner monster. Your cat is strange. (Bit I like strange) Cheers,H

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  2. My friend had a cat named Gilda that liked to be vacuumed with an attachment. Gilda got lost once (walked into an apartment with the same layout as my friend’s) and the people who found her told my friend they were amazed that she came running when they turned on their vacuum! Scooby is so cute!

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  3. Hey, I’m not afraid of that noisy thing. In fact it just proves that I am un-stoppable. As an aside, some cats- rare though that it is, happen to like certain noises. I had one cat like that. I think he found it soothing but I am only guessing.

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