Escape from Alcatraz (the Catio)


This wood is hard! If I keep working everyday, I might get through!

scooby zeke catio

Sorry Scooby! I can’t get through! How about some help? How about a spoon to dig our way out, says Scooby.

Escaping from the Catio is futile. Many have tried. None have succeeded! The wood panels are merely replaced with new ones. The Warden is ever watchful!

Zeke autumn header

Opie Loves Scooby

Opie loves Scooby–NOT.  I always know where Scooby is by Opie’s growling.  Scooby just wants to be friends.

Scooby Opie

Don’t come any closer! You lookin’ at me? You better not be lookin’ at me!

Marigold cat