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Welcome to another edition of the Morning Mountain News, coming to you from a WalMart parking lot in Puyallup, WA!  Sorry about the light poles in the picture–no Ansel Adams photo prize today!  Got a lot of things to show today.  Our roving reporter was sent out to the Washington State Fair in Puyallup. For many years I lived next to it, if you Washingtonians can believe that, and I attended more times than I can remember.  A lot to show today, so let’s get going!

First, an update on the “cat killer”.  He has been layin’ low and there have been no new cases recently.  No wonder, the reward has been raised to $53,000 or €45,600 or ₤40,550. I suspect the bushes are filled with “bounty hunters”!  Zeke is keeping a watchful eye in the catio:

Zeke in catio

Zeke on watch in the catio

Greg was doing his daily walk when this vehicle approached him from behind.  It did have to stop to get a better portrait of Greg as you can see!  Smile!

google street view camera car

Google Street Views Camera Car

Summer feels like it is over here in the Pacific Northwest.  Thankfully there have been many days of rain and we can breathe again.  Hopefully it will help put out all the western fires.  Leaves are turning–a few flowers still blooming.  I changed to my Autumn colour scheme here at the Feline Cafe.

purple flowers

Purple flowers

Had to do some work on my cat cemetery out back.  The cat statues were showing some signs of deterioration, especially around the ears, so I had to paint them for weather protection.  Here’s before and after:

cat cemetery

Cat cemetery before

pet cemetery

Pet Cemetery–Clockwise from top Gracie, Chat [rock], Peep, Verty

(Chat was a big brown cat I found dead at the side of the road years ago in an icy December.  I left him there for a few days and then brought him home.)

I have a few shots from the Washington State Fair.  As I said before, there is so much going on, one day is not enough to see it all.

Thurston County Grange farm produce exhibit

Thurston County Grange farm produce exhibit

farm produce

I like the egg tires on the bicycle

vegetable duck


1940's Ford highway patrol

1951 Ford highway patrol

Hello Kitty Collection

Hello Kitty collection



milk bottling machine

Milk bottling machine. Hope you can read the 1920’s prices of things on the sign on the right

Finally, one of the things the fair has been famously known for since 1911 are the scones for sale. Here I am displaying one at home with their fresh blueberry jam. Go on, take a bite!

Greg scone

Greg and blueberry jam filled Fair scone

Greg signature




  1. Puyallup…I actually know someone from that exact town. Wow. Small world…

    Adorable kitty. I have a 20lbs orange Hemingway named Oliver…Ollie for short. He’s a brat-cat (Latin: Bratis Catis).

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  2. None of us has ever had a scone. We’ve not been to a fair either. Mommy went to one a lot of years ago. She said they’re great fun and she wishes she could go, but they cost money, like everythin’ else. MOL We had no idea there were actually cars out there associated with google. That’s so crazy. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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  3. I’m sorry they haven’t caught the killer but glad he/she has at least stopped for the time being.

    You’re famous — maybe you’re on google maps! lol

    love the fair photos, all the bright veggies and the vintage cop car. Cool.

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    1. Thanks Richa. I don’t know if it was thoughtful or more a reminder to me where I should not dig! In retrospect, cremation would be a better way to go. What will happen when I sell the house?


  4. Dear Greg, what a whirlwind of events in the Morning Mountain News! Beautiful photo of the mountain, the light poles add to the ambiance of “real”. I’m seriously happy the “cat killer” has been quiet, I would be happier if that individual was caught. Lovely photo of Zeke in the catio. The Google Car, how great, kind of an oddity! The cat cemetery looks beautiful, I’m glad you included Chat, bringing him home with you. The produce at the fair is gorgeous and the scones look like a good reason to go to the fair. A lovely post Greg. Please enjoy the rest of your Monday evening. ~ Mia

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    1. Thank you Mia for your long thoughtful comment. Appreciate the time you took to write it. Took me hours to create this post, but a single photo of Scooby gets more attention! I see your point about the light poles now. I look at it with different eyes or eye! When the rains come Mountain photos will be scarce, so I am thinking of line drawing my own original Mountain logo for the news. I was more likely to see a UFO flying down that backstreet than the Google camera car! All the produce shown at the Fair is competition grade. Of all the things to eat, Scones are always that special thing you must get. Well over a million people visit the fair, so that is a big batch of scones! Monday night was good, thanks!

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      1. You’re most welcome, Greg! I guess it’s hard to compete with Scooby, he is all that after all! All kidding aside, it does take quite a bit of time to put together a post, which I appreciate and this post covered a lot of ground. There must be a story there, “with different eyes or eye”. I can’t wait to see your original Mountain logo for the MMN. I actually saw a Google camera car once in a part of town called, Signal Hill, it was an “oh wow” moment in a subdued sort of way. I also think I saw a UFO once, but that’s another story. I hope you enjoyed your scone, it really looked delicious. Wishing you and the crew a lovely evening!

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    1. If I did not create the pet cemetery, I would forget where the cats were at! If I had it to do over again, cremation would be better. It is some kid’s Hello Kitty Collection. Thanks for your comment Ellen.


  5. Wow, lots going on in your neck of the woods. How cool that you saw the Google Maps car. When we look at our street and house on Google Maps, we can see our neighbor outside.

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  6. Greg. I enjoyed the news and the scenery. Got a kick out of the Google car. That would have been exciting for me to see in my town. I reckon one never knows about the location of the car.

    Those state fairs are exciting and seem to have delectable exhibits; All that fresh produce and ever so good baked goods. One could literally be in hog heaven walking about. Your blueberry scone looks so tasty. Lucky man.

    Last but not least. I hope that the cat devil has disappeared for good. Hopefully he/she will not surface again but folks need to be aware that the evil person could surface again at any time.

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    1. My theory is the cat killer has a van–maybe the cable guy or plumber, no one pays attention to. Another thought is it might be a teenager since school started and he stopped!

      Yes there were more food stands of amazing variety including bug burgers. Looked like a real hamburger with all the fixings! Easier to find a UFO than to find that Google photo car! Thanks for your comments Yvonne.

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  7. What a fun trip to the fair! Love that Google stopped to take your picture👍I have a screenshot fro Google Earth that someone sent me of my husband and me sitting in our driveway in our “famous” blue metal chairs…it’s one of my treasured photos since his passing in 2016. Also I think it was very kind of you to give poor Chat a place in the cat cemetery, even if he does only get a rock 😋

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    1. I figured “Chat” deserved some respect, if not in life, then in death. He is in great company. Seeing the google photo car was a chance in a million. I’ll have to check their views now and then to see what is uploaded. thanks for your visist and comment today.


  8. What a fun filled post. I’ve not been to a fair for ages and ages. The food is mighty good too. Not good for you, but it’s ever so good.

    Loved the painting of your kitties. What a beautiful place to rest for eternity.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Greg. 🙂

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    1. That depends on the next owner, and so forth–the cemetery that is. My plan is to remove the stones and statues, and just bury it like native ground before I leave. Cremation may have been a better choice. Thanks for your comments Sue. And the food is definitely not good for you and in unhealthful quantities!

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