Scooby the Leash Tabby

Who is Scooby the Leash Tabby? Where did he come from? What is the story with Scooby? Christmas time he received a new Tartan harness. It was just what he wanted! He was tired of the pink one binding under his front legs, and this one has velcro. He also wanted to look like Spike the Scottish Black Cat .When I adopted him from the shelter, he was already leash trained. When I first got a leash out, he got all excited and purred and stood still while he was fitted up. That was the clue.

Scooby harness
Scooby tries on his new Christmas harness
Scooby out walking

greg clipart signaure
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  1. Oh Scooby you look like the purrfect Scottish Cat now. Your welcome to visit anytime imagine all the fun we would have in my garden. Purrs Spike.
    Love to Christine.

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      1. I wonder. My experience with ginger tabbies suggests they are exceptionally intelligent and amenable. There’s a guy on YouTube (Utahactor) who raises ginger tabbies. He even has ginger queens, which are fairly rare. They all are trained to do a variety of things that relate to control rather than falling ointo the cute tricks” category. Here are a couple long examples of these remarkable kitties:

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        1. Hi Doug! I finally got around to having a look at your videos. Your post should have been held in Moderation but you got through with these somehow! I think Scooby would ride in the cart just like these do, but I would keep the lead on him just in case! Think you are correct about these tabbies and their attributes and personalities.



    1. Not as much fun as being allowed to roam free, but that is not an option here in this neighbourhood. He gets tired out pretty quickly I am happy to say as I must be on the other end of the lead!!! Thanks for your visit and comments!



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