Scooby the Leash Tabby

Who is Scooby the Leash Tabby? Where did he come from? What is the story with Scooby? Christmas time he received a new Tartan harness. It was just what he wanted! He was tired of the pink one binding under his front legs, and this one has velcro. He also wanted to look like Spike the Scottish Black Cat .When I adopted him from the shelter, he was already leash trained. When I first got a leash out, he got all excited and purred and stood still while he was fitted up. That was the clue.

Scooby harness
Scooby tries on his new Christmas harness
Scooby out walking

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  1. That harness is absolutely adorable on Scooby! I cannot help but smile when I see how much he thoroughly enjoys being outdoors with it on. You must enjoy it too 🙂 Do you have any other cats who enjoy being on a leash? We’ve thought about training Dizzy to like one, but we aren’t quite sure how she will handle it yet.

    Sending each of you lots of love!

    (By the way, my apologies. I had been following your site and WordPress did something strange where it has been unfollowing a lot of the sites I wanted to still follow. Grr. I am now following again!)

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    1. Thanks for your comment Holly G. My other cats–Maine Coons–run from the harness and want no part of it. I had a yellow shorthair tabbie like Scooby years back and he was easily trained. Might be a “breed” thing involved. If you buy a harness keep the receipt! Most cats just want to squirm out of it and usually do. As I have said somewhere, Scooby was already trained when I got him from the shelter. I had nothing to do with it.

      Thanks for following–again. Following me is not a criteria for me to follow back as countless others realize by now. I follow the blogs I like to read regardless if they ever visit me or not! You’re still on my follow list as always Holly. Nothing changed.

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      1. Thanks for such a thoughtful reply, Greg.

        Great advice about keeping the receipt. We just might do that! Maine Coons are interesting cats. I had one that kept me guessing all of the time. He was very very unusual 🙂

        Many thanks for your kindness. I’m glad that I’m able to offer something worth reading. I thoroughly enjoy coming here to see your great photos & stories as well.

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  2. I bought a harness for my late cat Foothill, a black and white (not a Tuxedo). The harness had so many clasps, buttons, velcro, zippers, snaps, etc etc etc it was guaranteed to withstand any cat. Needless to say, 30 seconds after I got him outside he had wriggled free of the harness. As you say, Scooby was already trained…. I think they need to be trained from tiny kittens to use a harness… Foothill was already several years old. Scooby does look very handsome in his outfit.

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    1. I had another short hair American Tabby and I leash trained him easily. Maybe it is the breed and his temperament. My others fight and squirm like you say, and run away. They don’t even like their collars on. Scooby is like a dog that knows he is going to be going outside and gets very excited about it. Thanks for your comments Roslyn!

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  3. Oh Scooby you look like the purrfect Scottish Cat now. Your welcome to visit anytime imagine all the fun we would have in my garden. Purrs Spike.
    Love to Christine.

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      1. I wonder. My experience with ginger tabbies suggests they are exceptionally intelligent and amenable. There’s a guy on YouTube (Utahactor) who raises ginger tabbies. He even has ginger queens, which are fairly rare. They all are trained to do a variety of things that relate to control rather than falling ointo the cute tricks” category. Here are a couple long examples of these remarkable kitties:

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        1. Hi Doug! I finally got around to having a look at your videos. Your post should have been held in Moderation but you got through with these somehow! I think Scooby would ride in the cart just like these do, but I would keep the lead on him just in case! Think you are correct about these tabbies and their attributes and personalities.

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  4. Scooby looks very smart in his tartan harness. I can see how much he is enjoying being out walking, and getting all of the different sounds and smells.

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    1. Not as much fun as being allowed to roam free, but that is not an option here in this neighbourhood. He gets tired out pretty quickly I am happy to say as I must be on the other end of the lead!!! Thanks for your visit and comments!


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