It’s OPIE!

It’s OPIE! I am not getting up out of this bed for you, and you better not wake up Jabberjaw the shark behind me either! What are you doing in my room anyway? Me: Room Service. Just checking to see if you were hungry. Come back in half an hour as I need to get just a little more rest before lunch is delivered. We both want the fish course!

signature greg
signature greg


  1. A half hour later:

    Opie: Why are you here? Can’t you see I’m resting after my hard night?

    Human: It’s lunch time. I have brought your order of fish, as requested.

    Opie: Leave it, perhaps the shark will eat it. But I’m fatigued from playing all night, please close the door and don’t disturb us for the rest of the afternoon!

    (At least that’s the way it would have played at my place with Sunny. Opie has pretty eyes, by the way.)

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