1. Tori, I am usually unable to view your blog page all I get is black. Sometimes when I can see it, I can’t comment, so I am not ignoring you and don’t know yet how to fix this. Sometimes it works but rarely.


  1. I keep reading that cats prefer heat and don’t like the chill of an air conditioner. But Scooby and my younger daughter’s cat both seem to like the nice breeze of a fan! (Younger Daughter’s cat also likes to sleep next to the front door, where the cool air from the hallway seeps in from the crack beneath it.) Sunny meanwhile sleeps under the bed until it’s winter, and then the quilt on top is all hers. Stay cool, both you and the cats!

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  2. I love seeing both Scooby and Zeke. They are handsome and sleek! Enjoyed seeing their toys and reminds me of how much I love seeing mine play with her toys. Lap time is just the best time of the day. For the cat and for the lap!!

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