Puzzled cats!

Marigold is very helpful when assembling a picture puzzle, just like all cats.

Marigold sitting on floor

Marigold contemplates her next move!

Why put a puzzle together upon the floor?

When a puzzle is assembled upon a table top, a cat will knock the pieces onto the floor. That requires crawling under the table to find them. If the puzzle is already on the floor, the damage is minimized!

Marigold sitting on puzzle on floor

Marigold makes her move!

She became interested in the puzzle box. She tried hard to fit into the small box. Puzzle time was over.

Marigold in puzzle box

The next day the puzzle was moved onto a table. Soon Zeke appeared to help with the construction! Puzzle time was over.

Zeke sitting on puzzle

Zeke looking for the next puzzle piece

Zeke likes to chew puzzle pieces. It makes them fit better, he says.



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