Marigold and zeke

A serious conversation between cats. What are Marigold and Zeke talking about?

Zeke (right) : We got to do something about this Cat School. We are never going to graduate. I think we need to bust out!

Marigold (left): Jailbreak! Surely you’re not serious!

Zeke: I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.




    1. Sometimes spontaneous clever things just pop into my head, and other times it is like pulling teeth with a pair of pliers! I have been scouring the internet to prove my conviction that the quote came first not from “Airplane (1980)” when it was “new”, but earlier from Bud Abbott of Abbott and Costello. I can see it in my mind, but not on my computer screen.

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      1. And I believe you are correct about Abbott and Costello. But I can’t help with the reference. If 1948 is the year of your birth we are the same age and likely to remember them. I know I’m culturally deprived but I’ve never seen “Airplane”.

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