Haiku to you too / Moles

It is Haiku Day at cat school. Zeke is going to present his first one. He has been working a long time on it. Note the juxtaposition between ideas, and his skillful use of the “kireji” between ideas–Meeeeeee Owwww. The subject of the haiku is, of course, Death of a Mouse.

zeke portrait



Meow, meow, meeeeeeee
OWWWW! Meow, meow, meow.
Meee ow ow ow ow!

The Land that Time Forgot

Generally, when I am showing my cats in the yard, I selectively choose which photos to present to the public.  It gives the illusion of a yard similar to Kew Gardens in the UK.  That is not the case.  The grass is frequently unmowed in the back where people cannot see.  There are woods and fallen trees.  The front is manicured to present the illusion that I care about lawns.  I have a bad mole problem in the back.  The Donald Trump of moles has been building high-rises.  There is probably gambling down there!

It is against the law in Washington to trap moles–too inhumane; however, you can sit on the back porch and shoot their little heads off if they stick them up with a .22 bolt-action.  It’s my constitutional right, I think.  Other more humane methods just drive them into my neighbors yards.  Boiling mint leaves and stems in water and pouring it down the holes is environmentally friendly and harmless; and drives them away temporarily, but you cannot quit.  I adopted a live and let live policy.  The result can be seen below.  (The figure holding the torch is “Kate” from the tv series “Lost”.  She graciously agreed to come over and have a look round.  Seems there is more to worry about than moles!)

molehills kate dinosaur

The land that time forgot

Kate molehill dinosaur

Don’t let it see you, Kate!



  1. When I lived in North Carolina voles were an issue….well, actually not really because my five outside cats took care of them but they didn’t eat them….just deposited them on the door step as a gift for me.
    I asked the vet why they ate other things but not the voles and he said they probably didn’t like the taste. I knew they were finicky eaters but…..


  2. Great haiku, I think Zeke should enter it in a contest. Those are big mole tunnels. We have moles, but our bigger problem is the voles. There were parts of our garden that needed weeding and they loved that to hide in.

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