Foggy October Morning 2

It is a typical foggy October morning here in the Pacific Northwest. I sit at the computer drinking my morning cuppa Joe–black. I indulge myself with a hot piece of microwaved apple pie with a slice of American cheese melted on the top. Not exactly the “breakfast of champions” but who cares? I don’t want it to read on my tombstone: “He never had pie.” How sad would that be? I would prefer it to read: “He ate the pie!”

I usually listen to classical music in the background while at the computer, because I do not want my mind to be distracted by lyrics. Even contemporary instrumentals will cause me to try and remember the lyrics and mumble along leaving out most of the words I have forgotten. Today is a little different, with some instrumental base jazz playing, and a dwarf in a suit dancing in the corner–not unusual here in the Pacific Northwest.

First thing though for the Maine Coons is for me to open the window and let the Maine Coons out into the catio, so they can see if anything has changed overnight. Certainly, the weather did not change. Fog with rain in the forecast.

Zeke in catio

Who is upstairs?

zeke in catio

Who is coming out?

zeke in catio

I have my eyes on you!



  1. Just followed your suggestion and get me a cup of coffee. Unfortunately I have no apple pie. Since days we have foggy mornings around here too. That makes a nice autumnal mood. Wish you and your cats a nice Weekend.
    greetings from Germany

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  2. Appelpie with whipped cream…..never had it with cheese, sounds a little bit strange, but sometimes strange is not so bad. Maybe I should try it one day^^

    And for good that the cats were in the patio, for sure they would like to try too, right?!



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  3. Remember how the weather dramatically changes in the Seattle area starting in October. My sons live there and I “used” to visit at Thanksgiving time! I’m putting off a move to be closer to them. Southern California is just too beautiful with temperate weather all year round! But, WA is a lovely state with wonderful people! Chryssa

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