The Scooby Rap / Happy Birthday

My name is Scoob,
And I am no boob!
I’m a mystery cat.
Who knows where I was at?
Why put me in the shelter?
My life went helter-skelter!

I had problems with my bladder.
It hurt badder, badder, badder!
Til they took me to the vet.
Took all the drugs that I could get.
It only made me worse
And nearly put me in a hearse!
Then other things went wrong–
I wouldn’t last for long.
I heard angels at the door
As I lay on the cage floor.

But they put me in the car,
And drove me not too far,
Where I got expert care
From my new doctors there.

Now I am home
And free to roam,
And play new tricks.
Guess what? I’m six!

Scooby cat





  1. Happy Birthday lieber Scooby. ♥
    Schön das du es jetzt gut hast und deine weiteren Jahre bei Greg und seinen Katzen verbringen darfst.
    Alles Liebe und Gute weiterhin.

    Liebe Grüsse

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  2. Happy Birthday Scooby!
    I can’t believe you are six years old,
    you only look 2 if the truth be told.
    Hope you have many, many years of good health ahead of you.
    And some tasty treats and catnip too.

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