This post is about a couple birthdays. First I must explain the handicap I am up against at the moment. In short, I only have one eye with vision and it is giving me lots of trouble. It is impossible to see clearly. It is very difficult to read no matter what I do. Doing a post is very difficult. That said, the good news is that it is not permanent, and I must just suffer through for now. I have had this problem many times before. I do have some long posts I did in the past which I am saving. Soon I may put them out slowly.  It makes it difficult for me to read, like and comment on everyone’s posts as well–especially German ones.  I try.

What has this to do with birthdays? I have missed reporting Opie’s birthday in April and Marigold has a birthday this month. It is too difficult to make “clever” cards to post, so this I can do. Opie had her 7th birthday, and Marigold will be 13 years old this month. I am glad they are both healthy. They have always been healthy. I have found a photo of them together in the catio from last year, so here it is in honor of their birthdays.

Marigold Opie catio

Marigold and Opie


  1. hi – i hope your eye heals up quick so you can see. vision is kind of a really nice feature.


  2. Liebe Greg,
    ich wünsche dir gute Besserung.
    Ich sehe seit meiner Jugend nur noch auf einem Auge. Und mittlerweile ist das sehende Auge auch nicht mehr so top. Bin aber froh etwas sehen zu können.
    Den beiden Hübschen gratuliere ich nachträglich zu ihrem Geburtstag. Schön das beide so gesund sind. Eine Freude.

    Liebe Grüsse


  3. That is a great photo! I’m sorry you’re having vision problems. That must be frustrating. I hope the kitties are some comfort.


  4. Oh oh…so I am wishing you all the best, and I hope your eyes will be better soon. Get well.

    …and to your cats a Happy birthday, wishing you all the best too.

    Greetings over the Atlantik to you



  5. Happy Birthday to two beautiful ladies. I am sorry about your eye, I will add you to my prayer list.


  6. We just acquired another dog. He fits in well and gets along with the cats. His person is going into the hospital and not expected to get out alive. He wanted to find homes for his dogs.

    With 5 dogs and 3 cats that were all rescues, I don’t know their exact birth dates. Opie and Marigold are fortunate to have a human (0r humans) who have loved them since the very beginning and give them a good life.


  7. Really hope you are better soon, Greg. I know how frustrating something like that can be.
    Happy, happy birthday to the kitties!


  8. Sorry Greg about your eye problem! Healing thoughts! Happy Birthday Marigold & Opie. They look like happy, healthy cats! 💛 Elizabeth


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