Scooby’s new raccoon

Scooby is enjoying a new cat toy to play with. There are so many cat toys about, that I do not recall where this came from, or when; but, it has shown up and Scooby likes it a lot. He is fickle, and will tire of it easily. Then he will move on to something else.  Ellen from 15andmeowing sent us the fish pillow as a present along with some other things.  We like it very much and appreciate it.

Scooby cat raccoon

Scooby cat raccoon

Scooby cat raccoon



      1. Even though there really is no such thing as a “typical” cat there is typical cat behavior. Sometimes you just need to hide the toys for a while and then bring them out again later.
        Although my Lili did want to play with the laser pointer nearly every day for most of her 17 years. Only the last couple of months of her life did she lose interest in that.

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