Snowy snowy night . . .

Much snow has been falling in western Washington. Schools are closed. There are scattered power outages. We are OK. In fact, we seem to have less snow than everywhere else! More snow is coming. Zeke had to go out in the catio before sunrise to check things out. He comes running downstairs from his home under a bed, whenever he hears the catio window open. The catio is partially protected by the roof overhang. He loves to sit out in the weather even when it is bad. That is a trait of the Maine Coon breed. He has a big fur coat to keep him warm.

Zeke catio

Zeke catio

Are the deer in the woods? I am not scared of them!

zeke catio

zeke in catio

I am NOT coming inside yet!


  1. Zeke is lucky to have a cold catio where he can put his Maine Coon furryness to good use. With my allergies and hairloss issues, the vet said my fur might grow back faster if I were in cold weather, but I’d rather stay inside and lounge on the heater vent!

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  2. Makes me freeze just looking at it.

    Cute pictures.

    My coon cats will do the same thing, but when it’s 50 outside they fight over the human’s lap. I’m 109 pounds. They’re 20 pounds apiece. It isn’t pretty. 🙂

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      1. I’m in Eastern time zone. When I visit my sister in California, I have to get used to the fact that 9:00am here is 6:00am there. It takes a while to get used to the time difference. 🙂

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