Zeke cat

Zeke the other snow cat

Zeke is the other snow cat. He is a Maine Coon and loves all types of weather. He is always wanting out in the catio to check the weather out first thing in the morning. The catio has no roof, but is partially protected by the overhang of the roof eave.

This is the end of our snow series, as warm air is arriving from the south and will be melting everything extremely rapidly. If we are lucky, that will be the last of the snow for us this Winter! Christmas I would have thought snow beautiful and appropriate. In February it was a giant nuisance!

Zeke c atio snow
Zeke in the catio checking the snow
Zeke cat
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Scooby snow

More “Snomageddon” starring Scooby the Snowcat!

More “Snomageddon starring Scooby the Snowcat!” continues the big snow story. I live on a PRIVATE road at the end of a cul-de-sac. That means the County is not responsible for my road and will not plough it. Sunday morning all the residents of the street–men and women–grabbed shovels and cleared the street. Took hours. It was just like the old time days when everyone helped each other. Think that America is gone? It isn’t!

A new snow storm is coming and we know if we let new snow pile on top of what we have now, we wouldn’t drive out of here until Spring. Now, Scooby knew when we were done that an inspection was due to insure the snow was moved properly, so he went out when all was finished to check things out. The following photos show what he found.

Scooby snow
Scooby–deeper than yesterday!
Scooby snow
Heading for the road
Scooby snow street
In the street
Scooby snow
Measuring the snow with my tail!
scooby snow
Reached the wide open spaces!
Worst Litter box EVER!
Worst litter box EVER!
scooby in snow
Looks pretty high!
Scooby on snow
Time to get off this frozen ice and go inside!
Scooby on path
Going back to the house. Time to warm up and have a nap!
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Scooby lead snow

Scooby in “Snomageddon”

Scooby in “Snomageddon” is a collection of photos of Scooby walking along the path I dug in the snow. Walking on concrete is fine, but he does not like the snow on his paw pads.

Scooby harness snow
Going out to check the mail.
Scooby on path thru snow
This path is very convenient and cat friendly.
Scooby walking down path in snow
I love going for a brisk walk
Scooby lead snow
Pretty deep here. Can’t go walking across this!
Scooby lead snow
Deepest snow I have ever been out in, say the Scoob.
Scooby lead snow
No mail today. Don’t think it’s coming. Only one way back to the house. Ready for a warm nap by the fire.
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Scooby snow

Snow Day

Today in the Pacific Northwest, we are having a “Snow Day”. Schools are closed. People are driving around crazy sliding off the road and getting stuck. We at the Feline Cafe are already where we need to be so no worries. How to spend the day is the question. Snow falling and cold outside. Zeke was the first and only cat to rush out into the catio. He always has to be first outside to check on the weather conditions and also check for birds and other trespassers. Opie being a clever girl stays put in her favourite window on the second floor where she has a warm commanding view of the back garden. Scooby, on the other hand, is always game for a walk-about on his harness. Got his penguin snow hat out, as it is cold and snowy and out we went. Photos follow:

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Saturday Selfie / Bonus Ghost Fire Engine / Spring

Today we are putting out a rare Saturday Selfie and also posting a ghost fire engine! Remember the 1974 film “Harry and Tonto” starring Art Carney? I am ready to do the remake with Scooby!  Also my posts are going up on Google Plus as I signed on to it.  The link is on my left side bar–you have to hit the folder button top left to find it!

Ghost Fire Engine

We have a rare Bonus Ghost Fire Engine to show you!  Heard the siren, pulled over to the side of the road to let it pass. Decided to get a photo of it.  Little did I know that Stephan King was driving!  Watch as the fire engine disappears into another dimension!  Seeing is believing!

ghost firetruck

Ghost Fire Engine


zeke snow catio

Zeke in Catio March 24th

Zeke Winter

Zeke’s Fireside Chat

Zeke’s Fireside Chat is the last post of 2017.

Zeke cat fireplace


Since I am the Editor-in-Chief, I decided to take over the fireside chat from Opie.  She is a bit hissy and swatty about it, but she will get over it. Christmas passed pleasantly with no bad surprises and some snow!   We like to celebrate 12 days and keep at least some but not all of our decorations up through the 6th of January.

Zeke snow catio

Cold weather does not bother me. I am a Maine Coon!

A couple days before Christmas, Marigold slipped into the garage secretly, and when she came out, she had a hurt leg and was limping around.  Went to the vet, who said she was not serious and should heal, which she did, and she is walking around normally now.  Try to keep cats out of garages!  I don’t go out there myself.

I am happy to report this is the fourth year in a row with no one here crossing the Rainbow Bridge.  That is a real blessing!  We want to thank all our readers for their support.  The Feline Cafe has been more successful this year than any other year by all measures of success!  Thank you all old friends and new friends alike!

Zeke Editor in Chief