Saturday Selfie / Bonus Ghost Fire Engine / Spring

Today we are putting out a rare Saturday Selfie and also posting a ghost fire engine! Remember the 1974 film “Harry and Tonto” starring Art Carney? I am ready to do the remake with Scooby!  Also my posts are going up on Google Plus as I signed on to it.  The link is on my left side bar–you have to hit the folder button top left to find it!

Ghost Fire Engine

We have a rare Bonus Ghost Fire Engine to show you!  Heard the siren, pulled over to the side of the road to let it pass. Decided to get a photo of it.  Little did I know that Stephan King was driving!  Watch as the fire engine disappears into another dimension!  Seeing is believing!

ghost firetruck

Ghost Fire Engine


zeke snow catio

Zeke in Catio March 24th

Zeke Winter

Zeke’s Fireside Chat

Zeke’s Fireside Chat is the last post of 2017.

Zeke cat fireplace


Since I am the Editor-in-Chief, I decided to take over the fireside chat from Opie.  She is a bit hissy and swatty about it, but she will get over it. Christmas passed pleasantly with no bad surprises and some snow!   We like to celebrate 12 days and keep at least some but not all of our decorations up through the 6th of January.

Zeke snow catio

Cold weather does not bother me. I am a Maine Coon!

A couple days before Christmas, Marigold slipped into the garage secretly, and when she came out, she had a hurt leg and was limping around.  Went to the vet, who said she was not serious and should heal, which she did, and she is walking around normally now.  Try to keep cats out of garages!  I don’t go out there myself.

I am happy to report this is the fourth year in a row with no one here crossing the Rainbow Bridge.  That is a real blessing!  We want to thank all our readers for their support.  The Feline Cafe has been more successful this year than any other year by all measures of success!  Thank you all old friends and new friends alike!

Zeke Editor in Chief

Marigold sweater

Snow (the third day)

Yesterday was the third day of the snow storm. I documented the cats’ activity and post it for you all today. Thousands are STILL without power, because many falling trees knocked down the power lines. My luck held. So, what’s been going on?

Scooby asleep

What I found in my bed when I woke up. Not interested in the catio

More photos: Continue reading →

wedding cake

Snow days

In Snow days, the first wave of snow hit, I took the photos following, and yet more snow came since I took these photos. There was minor damage to trees and shrubbery, but nothing serious. Many thousands lost power, but I managed to hold on to most of mine, and the daily routine was normal, except for some snow shovelling. My cats did not get to go out in the snow. The catio is as close as they came to it. I think they prefer it that way. Scooby has made it clear that even if he is bundled up, he still hates having frozen feet. He needs booties like the Alaska sled dogs running the Iditarod dog sled race.  Seen in the previous post, Zeke likes the cold weather.  Where is Opie, you might ask?  Wanting none of this and in a very warm place.

scooby cat snow

Scooby watching the first flakes of the snow storm


Increasing snowfall

marigold cat catio

Marigold checking morning snow and weather the next day–long after Zeke’s earlier inspection (see previous post)

Marigold cat snow

Marigold checking out the backyard

tree snow

My poor Japanese maple. I beat it with my snowshovel and it popped back up to normal shape!

wedding cake

Wedding Cake. Looks tasty!

zeke catio

Snowy snowy night . . .

Much snow has been falling in western Washington. Schools are closed. There are scattered power outages. We are OK. In fact, we seem to have less snow than everywhere else! More snow is coming. Zeke had to go out in the catio before sunrise to check things out. He comes running downstairs from his home under a bed, whenever he hears the catio window open. The catio is partially protected by the roof overhang. He loves to sit out in the weather even when it is bad. That is a trait of the Maine Coon breed. He has a big fur coat to keep him warm.

Zeke catio

Zeke catio

Are the deer in the woods? I am not scared of them!

zeke catio

zeke in catio

I am NOT coming inside yet!